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April in 1:1 Snaps.

April 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Can you believe April is already over? It feels like yesterday that I was trying to sort out how to finish up my Easter chocolate and to who I should have given some of my chocolate gold bunnies as I had too many! Yet meanwhile Spring has officially sprung, shoes and clothes for the new season has been bought, seeds and plants have been planted and a lot has happened! As for every month, not everything has been perfect, but somehow this beautiful warm weather put me in an excited and positive mood about literally everything!

Here are the highlights from my month…

1 :: Observing our two goldfinches meticulously putting together their nest, selecting cotton and straw, trying to split in half a thin stalk by pulling toward opposite directions with their beaks and then finally, a few days later, spotting four little white eggs in there! It totally made my day!

2 :: Spotting so many beautiful yellow fields outside when driving; for some reasons they look much more beautiful when the sun is high and warm, whereas they lose all the charme when the sky is grey and rainy! Luckly, we have been blessed with a lot of blue skies this month!

3 :: Buying and building my new desk. It can seem overestimated, but there’s nothing like a tidy and clear workspace to boost your positivity and creativity, and mine totally needed a makeover! I’m so proud and amazed of how it turned out, so stay tuned for a little workspace update soon 😉

4 :: Getting a new canary. We got him a week or so ago and we’re already in love. We named him Spencer, and it’s a funny red canary who totally loves food and that might be starting to sing too!

5 :: Working outside. Some days the weather was so nice that it seemed a pity to stay inside, but since there was work that needed to be done, I’ve headed outside instead of at my usual workspace. It felt so nice, refreshing and inspiring that it’s totally something I should do more often!

What’s on your April happy list? x

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