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DIY Mini Terrarium

April 20th  •  Posted in Craft

DIY Mini Terranium

Two DIY posts in less than a week? Yes I know, it feels kind of strange to see that many crafts on here, but I’ve been itching to try my hands at something different than typing blog posts and twitter status all day, and I’d love to introduce more DIY tutorials on the blog again too! Secondly I’ve been rearranging my room lately and it kind of needed a touch of greenery and life to it now that it’s all tidy and white, and since cacti and succulents are not only good-looking but also very easy to take care of, I decided to add some more to the collection.

IKEA is a place of inspiration, that’s the truth. Everytime I’m in there I’m inspired to restyle my home, dream a new one and build, make, create. Even some glasses can inspire a craft project sometimes, and when we spotted their 365+ Glasses we couldn’t think of a better place where to build a small terrarium for our new succulents!

DIY Mini Terranium

Small Cacti or Succulents ; IKEA 365+ Glass & Coaster ; Topsoil ;
 Decoration Sand ; Gardening Gloves.

DIY Mini Terranium
DIY Mini Terranium

1 :: Start by placing a thin layer of decoration sand on the bottom of your glass.

2 :: Remove the plant from its original vase and place it in the middle of the glass, then using the topsoil, fill the rest of the terrarium and press the plant soil down with your hands until it’s stable and in the middle. If your glass is big enough you can even place two or three little plants together.

3 :: If you like, place another thin layer of decoration sand or stones on the top.

4 :: Style on a tidy desk and place a cork coaster under it. Seldom water once a week in summertime or after a pair of days that the soil is dry.

DIY Mini Terranium
DIY Mini Terranium
DIY Mini Terranium

Any other succulents and cacti hoarder? x

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