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Get a tan :: a guide!

April 22nd  •  Posted in Beauty

Get a tan.
Get a tan.
Get a tan.
Get a tan.

With the weather starting to be nicer and warmer, the occasion to go out bare legs start to be more frequent, even for one that wears tights as long as she can. If some of you are as pale as I am, you’ll understand how revolutionary was to me to introduce self tanners in my life, and if one thing is for sure is that, starting from now, they are a firm staple in my late spring and summer days (especially since I’m not the huge fan of natural tanning!). After typing down my Guide to mark free self tanning almost an exact year ago, I thought it was about time to share my self tanning tips all over again!

CLEANSE, SCRUB, EXFOLIATE ; Something that hasn’t change during this year, is the importance to me to cleanse and scrub my skin before using a self tanner. You want to apply it on a clean and smooth skin, and no doubts the cleaner and smoother it’ll be, the more your tan would look natural and last longer!

Especially if I’m applying my self tanner all over my body, I think it’s important to start scrubbing a week or a few days earlier, and then scrub again the same day of the application!

MOISTURIZE ; No one likes their tan looking like patches of skin are falling apart, this is why to me it’s very important to hydrate especially where my skin is very dry and flaky. This isn’t something of a quick process, it’s necessary to have consistency with it and apply a moisturizer every day (or almost) both before and after applying a self tanner. Having a nourished skin means the tan will look at its best and last longer!

Being I probably the laziest when it comes to apply moisturizers, I’ve been quite the fan of all those body conditioners that only need to be applied in the shower and rinsed off. I highly suggest to try one of them it you feel the same as me about sticky legs in tight denim!

PICK A FORMULA ; Coming to the self tanner itself, I bet we all have our preferences. As much as I like mousse formulas for my body, I go hand in hand with a serum and nothing else for my face. However there are so many different formulas one can chose from, that there’s something for every taste really: mousse, serum, spray, lotion, cream and more usually all available on online beauty retailers that stock a wide range of tanning products like Just My Look.

If you’re new to self tanning, try the mousse option (try Fake Bake): to me, it’s the easier and quicker to apply and with a tiny bit of practice it’s easy to achieve a perfect tan effect! I’m not the big tanning accelerators fan, but if you are after a natural tan and are considering one of them, then never forget the importance of a SPF!

DON’T DO IT WITH BARE HANDS! ; Always use a tanning mitt, it will gives a nicer smoother effect, plus your hands won’t turn and stay orange for days afterward!

BE CONSISTENT ; Especially if you’re going for a serum or a gradual tanner, remember to be consistent with both the tanning but also moisturizing and scrubbing, to avoid to build up too much unnatural colour and create darker patches.


This are all my tips and tricks for a beautiful and natural looking fake tan! I’d love to know if you have more advices – as one never really knows enough tricks to make her tan look at its best, right?! x

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  • Rachael Adams

    This is great because I am always so fearful I’ll apply fake tan incorrectly.
    Also, I have that exact same tin of Steam Cream. It’s so lovely, isn’t it?

  • Paola

    I’m a phototype 0, sigh. No tan for me – I even have to go bathing in the sea before 10am or after 4pm, and I start wearing spf 50 everyday from May…
    Self tanning is a great choice for a safe tan, nice guide!!

  • BardOfPurgatory