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A new beginning.

May 27th  •  Posted in Blogging

A new beginning.

It has been a year since the last time I decided to start afresh with this blog and I haven’t regretted the decision ever since! Deciding to start writing about what I truly love on here has been so lovely and opened my way towards some great opportunities. If you have landed on this page in the last couple of days you might have noticed that things have been changing (I apologize if you have seen error pages way too many times!).

I’ve written a post about why I liked to have a Blogger blog almost a year ago and I still believe Blogger is a great place to start, though at a certain point I started wanting more. I am a coding lover, as you might have noticed, and Blogger just didn’t make the cut for me and my blog anymore. I’ve come to the point to realize I want to take my blog serious, that I want this space to be more than a hobby to me, as well as my passion for web design to be more than a passion. I needed to have certainty in it, and Blogger wasn’t the right place to keep this thing going anymore. It all started one year ago, and maybe I wasn’t completely ready to make the big step, but now things have changed and it was quite about time to make the switch!

I’d never seen a WordPress admin panel before a month ago, but I wanted to take the challenge and start everything from scratch with the design, hence why I was able to keep my “signature” interface for this blog, by putting the theme together from zero to what it is now. It’s far from being perfect and I have a lot to learn, but I’ll take it as a new exciting adventure: I can’t wait to learn more! I’ve almost cried a few times, have had way too many headaches and couldn’t seen an end to it for too many times, but maybe it is why now I feel so satisfied and happy with the result.

I was finally able to put together an archive page like I wanted it to be (it has probably been the main challenge, being new to all the WordPress coding rules), to add a few new features to the design, make it easier for readers to browse through it and redesign what I didn’t love anymore about it.

It’s not only that, I have a few other news in store as well, but I’ll keep you hanging a bit more about them. If you want to be the first to know, don’t forget to sign up to Miel Café’s newsletter by filling up the form under this post or here! I hope you all like the new website and enjoy the new features of the blog design! x

  • I totally love your design! WordPress is the way to go!