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A Workspace Update!

May 11th  •  Posted in Home

A few months ago I’ve shared what my workspace looked like at that time and you might remember I was on the market for a desk update already then. I’ve been thinking about giving my workspace a little twist ever since – at the end of the day it’s the place where I spend the majority of the hours of my days, so I felt it was about right to make some changes in order to achieve a more functional and inspiring space for me to work in! I wasn’t happy with my huge wooden desk – it feels even weird right now to go back and look at those pictures and think that was one of those days when my desk actually looked tidy! Apparently I didn’t really know what tidy means. I’ve been itching for a clearer, minimal work station for a while now, and only recently I realized my previous furniture disposition would have never make the cut for what I was looking for.

The thing with doubling up your bedroom as your “office” (and when said room is small by itself) is that you can’t really afford a huge desk. It took away space that could be used to store things in a much less cluttered way! Plus I’m such a hoarder (can you tell?) and I pretty often feel like useless things are apparently all I need or will need to survive. That’s one of the main reason why I came to realize the more space I have to pile useless things up around me, the more I’d do it, and the solution to see an end to it was reducing my space drastically with a way smaller desk than what I was used to. It seemed kind of extreme and for months I’ve pondered the decision, but in the end I was extremely sure about the change I wanted to do, and things are going pretty awesomely on the organizational front so far. I seem to really have achieved what I was pursuing!

You might want to stay tuned until the end for a little bonus article by me on how to keep a small desk organized and inspirational at the same time, avoiding to over clutter with a three easy step guide! But here’s my new workspace…

A workspace update.


A workspace update.
A workspace update.
A workspace update.


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My new white desk is from Ikea and you’ll never believe me if I tell you it was only £34! I KNOW! Yet it feels and looks such awesome quality. The desk top comes separately from the legs, so you can actually pick your favourite combination out of a bunch of different styles and colours for your desk legs, which I found pretty lovely! However I went for a simple and minimal white top + white legs combination, and I’m pretty happy with it!

You’ll find out more about what I think about decorating a small workspace in the extract you can find at the end of the post, but I’ve added little personal touches with simple, white and minimal objects that not only make my desk look pretty, but which I also find inspiring and motivational, such as photo frames, little vases, my amazingly smelling little lavender bunch I’ve picked last year from a field, a vanilla candle I love burning on a Sunday and little succulent plants to add a touch of greenery to the space.

A workspace update.
A workspace update.
A workspace update.


Getting a smaller desk means there’s so much more space now and I was able to move my furniture around and change its original disposition to a better looking and more spacious layout. I’ve moved my old bookcase (that originally was hidden behind the door) right next to my desk, and completely rearranged and decluttered it all, adding touches of greenery and cute Provencal homeware even there. The plan with it was to paint the shelves white when summer comes, but I’m actually pretty pleased with how it looks even now, so maybe the light wooden shelves will stay like that for a bit longer.

You’ll be surprised by how many multi-functional storage solutions you’ll find. I was hoarding empty Ladurée macarons boxes without a real purpose, until I realized the smaller one was perfect for storing my USB pen drives and SD cards! I’ve also arranged all my pens, pencils and brushes in what once was a candle holder and it looks pretty great!

A workspace update.


A workspace update.


While tidying things up, my stuff was drastically reduced, which means my shelves can now actually look minimal and tidy instead of a cluttered mess. A great solution to store what you don’t want to eliminate but not keep visible, is to store them in storage baskets. I’ve recently bought a couple of these flower patterned storage baskets in lilac and white, which not only pair amazing with the colour scheme of the entire room, but are also great to be placed on the floor right under the last shelf of the bookcase and store everything you need to keep in them.

A workspace update.
A workspace update.
A workspace update.


A workspace update.


I can finally have a well deserved solo space for my small side table that I use and have always used to store things, but that was hidden under my huge desk until only a month ago, and it was such a pity! It’s a beauty against a wall by itself, and even better with the little wooden tray I had no idea where to put only a few weeks back. I’ve placed in there a couple of candles I love, together with the vase I was using to store my pens and pencils before, with actual plants in there for once, succulents actually! I love the touch of transparency of the little vases I’ve recently bought, which are great homes for flowers picked from the garden too. I have a thing for clear glass but also copper homeware, if you haven’t already noticed!


And there you have it, my new work station! I’m very proud of how it turned out and I wish I could share a before and after if only I wasn’t too ashamed of what a mess my desk looked like before to take actual pictures of it… sometimes a change is highly required, you know! I hope this post can inspire those of you who aren’t happy with their current work station to change things up if you can (it really only took us 9 hours and £34 to do it!), because I truly believe an uninspiring workspace has something to do with lack of creativity and productivity.

Also, I’ve put together a little piece of article about how I manage to keep a small desk inspiring and clutter-free with three simple steps. If you want to download it for free, you just need to hit the newsletter subscribe button below and an email will be sent to your inbox with the download link!

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Let me know what you think and, if you download the extract, how you’re getting the most out of a small desk (if you have one)! 😉 x

  • floral feather

    You’ve created a lovely space, and have inspired me to have a tidy up!

  • love this. It will be an inspiration for my work place. I dont have one yet but I will one day 🙂

    La Petite Mademoiselle , a blog by Lisa Santos

  • awww love the little cacti! I have been thinking a lot lately about getting myself some 🙂

  • Mary {Em.}

    Ti sei creata uno spazio davvero molto carino, vorrei riuscire a fare lo stesso (dice mentre scrive abbarbicata sul letto tra mille cavi, cavetti, appunti vari e che altro U.U) Muji e Ikea rule 🙂

  • Oh I love the macaron boxes as memory storage! SD cards are not pretty but I always worry about putting them out of sight somewhere and never finding them again so just keep them permenantly lined up on my book shelf, but now I have an entirely legitimate excuse to go to Paris and eat fancy biscuits. Thank you!

    Joy // The Harpy

  • vein