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In May I’ve Loved…

May 31st  •  Posted in Favourites

In May I've Loved...

You know those times when you spend way too much money placing random orders online, and then you almost forgot about them until they knock at your door and you’re immersed in a mountain of new things in less than a week? That’s what May was to me, and between those things, I surely have found some new favourites I can’t wait to suggest you!

In May I've Loved...

Blouse with petal collar – ASOS


How could one of those online shopping sessions not include an ASOS order? Especially now that the time is changing, that I (finally) had the chance to spring-clean my wardrobe from the bottom to the top, I ended up feeling like I had nothing to wear (don’t you always have that feeling when you clean your closet?!) and like if I hadn’t enough white shirts already (if you don’t know, my wardrobe is made of white shirts only) I felt like I really needed to implement a few more basic pieces to it. The truth is that when a coupon code from ASOS pop in my inbox, and when I happen to also spot a cute blouse, I can’t really say no. I’ve worn this ASOS blouse infinite times this month I can’t even remember; the petal collar is just the cutest thing, and if there’s a reason why white blouses are my favourites, is that they go with everything (literally) and there’s nothing better than that.

In May I've Loved...

Notepad – Muji; Pens – Muji


I’ve shared my obsession for stationery just recently, but even this time I couldn’t *not* take the chance to share some new favourites! I’ve discovered Muji pens a couple of months ago and I keep asking myself how could I have lived 20 and more years of my life without them. I’m a true fan of their 0.38 pens – they’re just perfection to me, extremely thin but that leave you with a very satisfying feeling when you write with their smooth gel ink! Also their notepad has become a staple in my working days: I’m one that lives by to-do lists and notepads that allow me to tick things off are my bread and butter!

In May I've Loved...

In May I've Loved...

In May I've Loved...

Storage Basket – H&M Home; Mini Vases – H&M Home


With the excuse that I’ve spring-cleaned my working space and invested in a new desk and rearranged my office, I have bought a couple of functional and truly useful things, like two of those H&M Storage Baskets that not only look beautifully against my lilac wall but are also the best solution to store things you don’t know where to place anymore, but also cute decorations like those mini vases that might not be that functional, but look so pretty with flowers in them, don’t they?!

In May I've Loved...

Lavender & Rose Shampoo – Garnier; Dry shampoo – COLAB; Tinted Lip Balm – Burt’s Bees


I *really* need to write a hair update as since I’ve had my hair cut, I’ve been introduced to a few new products that have quickly become staples in my hair routine. Firstly, let’s talk about that amazing Garnier shampoo, that, if you’re wondering, really smells like you’re in front of a lavender field in Provence. And it’s probably due to its scent that I’m day dreaming about spending my summer in the south of France! Not only that, it makes my hair look extremely shiny (in a good way) and feel super soft too. Also, another hair favourite has been the COLAB dry shampoo in the scent “Paris” – that is my favourite between all of them (and I know because I happen to have ordered most of them all at once, ops!). I love that it is completely clear as I have dark hair and always struggle with dry shampoos that leave white residues (why do they exist at all?); I find that it not only absorbs oil at the roots really well, but also give my hair that little volume that it might have lose on a second hair day.

Also on the beauty front, I’m in love with the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in “Pink Blossom”, with its intense hydration and light touch of colour that gives to the lips a very healthy look. It also smells divinely of springtime (that happens to be my favourite time of the year!).

In May I've Loved...

Lindt Excellence Coconut IntenseLindt


This doesn’t need explanations. Really. Just imagine caramelised coconut flakes immersed in fine dark chocolate. I can’t even explain. It’s dreamy. Dreamiest combination ever. And if you’ve a sweet tooth as much as I do, you must try it, even if you’re not the biggest fan of dark chocolate – because it’s deliciously sweet!


And that’s a wrap for this month! Let me know what your favourites have been in May – I love to get to know new things! x

  • Rosie Adam

    Wow this is such an awesome haul, I don’t even know where to begin! I’m so curious to know what the Lindt chocolate tastes like. Definitely going to go on a hunt this week for it!

  • Great post! I’m a huge stationary fan. I might need to get me some of those pens! I also adore the home ware you’ve acquired! I know I said this on twitter but, your photography is beautiful!

    p.s. I need to try that chocolate!!


  • I had muji pens like these when I was a kid and LOVED them… need some more I think! Also that blouse is so cute – adding it to my saved items now Gisforgingers xx

  • Lou

    That shirt is so so nice! It has THE perfect collar.