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Our weekend through a lens.

May 4th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Recently we’re getting into the habit of waking up bright and early, putting ourselves together and head to our usual and favourite bakery for breakfast on a weekend basis. It feels such a treat, especially since they have the crispiest yet softest, most buttery croissant and the sweetest airy latte foam you can ever dream of. And when you happen to taste all that goodness at once, you know it’s the weekend.

We’ve headed to the local farmers market this time, searching for freshly collected chicken eggs, fresh organic vegetables for Sunday lunch and a bouquet of flowers (for yours truly), and if there’s an activity that’s meant to be practiced on a weekend, that must be visiting a market on a glorious spring day. It can be pretty chaotic, but to me the busier the better: I love seeing so many lifes going on in one place.

This weekend we have been blessed with a rain-break in exchange for a sunny Saturday and a cloudy (almost cold) but not rainy Sunday which has been spent inside, catching up with TV series that needed to be ticked off our to-watch list, while eating all the ice cream. All in all it has been a good one! Here are a few pictures we’ve snapped until the sun was actually shining for us…

Our weekend through a lens.
Our weekend through a lens.
Our weekend through a lens.
Our weekend through a lens.
Our weekend through a lens.

How has your weekend been spent? x

  • Such a beautiful collection of photos.

  • Oh K.

    Oh my gosh. give me that croissant. Now. Glad that you’re waking up early now. I’m a big fan of waking up early and starting the day! Even if it is for bakery treats. That’s what gets me up, haha. / creative lifestyle blog.

  • Sounds like you had a really wonderful weekend 🙂 A friend and I went to our favourite bakery for breakfast on Saturday, which was such a lovely treat.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Sounds like a pretty good weekend, but any day with croissants & coffee will always be lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I think brunch is always a good idea. Your weekend looks perfect; sums up exactly how weekends should be spent.