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Two ingredients 5Mins crepe recipe!

May 6th  •  Posted in Recipe

There’s something purely enjoyable about waking up bright and early and cooking my own breakfast from scratch at the first lights of a day. It has something to do with the mood for sure, but I’ve always been a believer that a good start of the day (usually a good ol’ breakfast) is the elixir of a positive mood throughout the whole day. But all in all, I came to the conclusion that it’s the actual act of putting a dish together that I truly enjoy even more than eating it. Take away that to me, half the fun is gone.

I realize most of days are not Sundays and not everyone is lucky enough to have enough time to make breakfast from scratch every morning, but if you’re like me, if you think cooking something is what can make for a good start of the day even when everything else is grey, then I have something for you! I don’t even remember how I went from my usual pancakes breakfast to an impromptu self-taught no eggs crepe recipe, yet it seemed a good change to me for a bit of a different spring breakfast to which is so easy to add fresh fruits and different flavours!

Two ingredients crepe recipe.
Two ingredients crepe recipe.
Two ingredients crepe recipe.

These crepes are as quick to cook as this recipe is to read, I can assure you! A minute or two to put the ingredients together and then just the time to cook – approx 5 minutes and they’re good to be served. And they also require almost nothing to come together if not a 1:2 ratio of flour and milk (or even water if you want to go completely vegan!). They might be as light as a feather but they have really nothing to envy to the classical egg crepes we’re all a fan of. I challenge you to try the recipe if you don’t believe me!

Serves 2 | Ingredients
100g white flour* ; 200ml skimmed milk (or water) ; 1 tsp sugar and/or 1 tsp salt – optional.

* Feel free to use the flour you most like. Gluten free flour works just fine. For whole wheat flours, I’d add a 20-50ml of milk (or water) for a smooth not too thick consistency.

1 :: Measure out the flour in a small bowl, then add salt and sugar if wanted and pour the milk over, a quarter of it at a time, while using a whisk to nicely incorporate all the ingredients together without lumps.

2 :: Heat up a crepe pan over a medium heat.

3 :: Pour 1/4 of the crepe batter on the pan when it’s nice and warm, help yourself with a spoon and circular motions to expand the batter and create a big thin crepe. Cook on one side until you’re able to lift it with a spatula, then turn it over the other side and cook for another minute.

The first crepe is always a bit tricky. If you find it particularly challenging, 1/8 of a teaspoon of coconut oil melted on the crepe pan is everything you need!

4 :: Repeat with the rest of the batter and your crepes will be ready to be served with Nutella, fresh fruits (Nutella + strawberries is my favourite combo!), lemon, jam or whatever topping you’d like!

{ Enjoy! }

Two ingredients crepe recipe.
Two ingredients crepe recipe.

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think! I hope you’ll be able to have a fresh and delicious homemade breakfast a bit more often than usual, even on weekdays! x

  • These photos are making my mouth drool – thanks so much for posting this easy and quick recipe. I’ll be sure to make some crepes ASAP!

  • Hanno un aspetto meraviglioso!! Le proverò, l’unico problema è che io di cucinare di prima mattina proprio non ne ho voglia, mannaggia 🙂

  • ninegrandstudent

    These look amazing – will be giving them a go for sure! x

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  • I will have to try this! looks amazing x

    Rock Me Fabulous Blog

  • Michelle Gleaves

    5 minutes and 2 ingredients? Sounds like a breakfast I’ll be trying in the future!


  • I am trying not to eat my computer but these pictures are making it hard for me to stop myself. These look amazing and it’s really easy to make them! Nhami!

    Love, love, love. x
    Catarina //

  • Emily

    Awww, it looks AMAZING! TRY THIS NOW!


  • 5 mins crepe is such a tempting recipe to make! But my would probably not look as stunning as yours! Haha!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  • Justin B