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Caffeinated Summer Joys.

June 10th  •  Posted in Food

Caffeinated summer joys.

Caffeinated summer joys.

Caffeinated summer joys.

You’ll be aware of my love for coffee by now, but if there’s one thing I love more than a hot Italian cappuccino as first thing on a cold winter morning is iced American coffee on a super hot summer day spent wandering around a busy city. It has been a few months now that I’m on the hunt for beautiful, welcoming, pinterest-worthy coffee places and bakeries in Milan (I’m building quite a nice list of favourites!), and things usually start from me writing countless lists of places to try out after spending entire afternoons searching for suggestions, reviews and pictures on the internet, those lists go to lay in my handbag and usually come out when I’m near one of those places and want a suggestion on where to eat my lunch or drink my coffees.

But with 12oz Coffee Joint things went differently. I’ve not heard of it, or seen it on one of my usual day trip to Milan before (even if I walk by that particular spot quite often due to the presence of Muji right a few metres away), in fact I’m wondering when it did actually opened and launched, because it’s not really possible I haven’t located it before! We spotted it yesterday after lunch and made a promise to try it out one day or later in the afternoon if we were still around, but curiosity prevailed in the end and we found our way there to try a couple of their drinks…

I can’t really explain how lovely it felt to have a super cold drink after spending the day buying way too many cold water bottles and finishing them up too soon. I went for their Ice Breeze Caffé Choco and I wasn’t wrong: in its simplicity it was right up my street and totally what I needed! I surely want to come back and try out one (or two) of their Cold Ozy (flavoured coffee drinks topped with whipped cream and syrups) or their Fruit Ozy (100% fruit smoothies, with milk and topped with a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkles – which make the healthy bits of it a tiny bit less… healthy, but hey!). Their Tropical Smoothie though was a total healthy dream, made out of 100% fruit, you can pick two different tropical fruits from a long list, including açaì, mango, pineapple and more! Plus you can add milk, yogurt, soy milk or cinnamon/chocolate/hazelnut (etc.) syrups to all your coffees or smoothies, and they have 100% fruit juices too! Ah… that’s the best coffee (and smoothies) lover’s dream!

Not to mention I’ve spotted the most amazing variety of donuts, muffins and cookies and made a promise to myself I’d came back to try them all soon… and I can’t tell you how excited I’ll be about the cold season coming around just to try their coffee in a hot version (or their Hot Ozy, that sounds even more delicious than the cold ones..!).


Caffeinated summer joys.

Caffeinated summer joys.

Caffeinated summer joys.

Enough coffee rambles – I’m very sorry about it but I can’t help but highly suggest 12oz Coffee Joint if you’re around Milan these months – you also need to check that Zara denim dress out before it’s gone! It seriously resembles all I was looking into a summer dress and I’ve hunted it down by visiting four different Zara stores in four different cities to find it! Snap it up before it’s completely gone 😉

Have you already found your perfect coffee-lover-approved café of dreams? x

  • That coffee looks amazing! I love summer time because it means I can drink iced coffee again, it’s just not the same in the cooler months. x

  • I do love me some iced coffee in the summer time! Also, just wanted to say that I love seeing pictures of yourself on the blog 🙂 Somehow I feel like your facial features portray your soul so beautifully.

  • Paola

    I am also in the process of finding the perfect cafè shop in the little German town where I live. There are so many anyways, that it’s a pleasure to try them all! And I am keeping the most promising for last 😉 Iced coffee is a nice thing to rediscover every season this time of the year!!