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DIY Sea Salt Hair Mist

June 8th  •  Posted in Beauty

DIY Sea Salt Hair Mist

If in other seasons I’m slightly OK with my flat hair (as much as one can’t be bothered by boring hair), comes summertime and all I’m after is voluminous, undone, wavy and texturized locks. I’ve tried countless beauty products to achieve it, but nothing really works magic on my hair, but there must be a reason why everyone is after the perfect sea salt mist – thinking back at summers I’ve spent by the sea, I kind of see an almost clear image of my hair being a tiny bit more adventurous and naturally wavy thanks to the seawater and light beach breeze.

When you live miles away from the sea, no way you’ll find either of those anywhere close, but you surely can rely on a impromptu DIY hair product, if you are not interested in spending way too much in one of those sea infused water sprays on sale. If one thing is for sure is that whenever I take a look at those expensive sea salt hair mists from fancy beauty brands, I can never justify the expense especially knowing for sure that that’s something I can do myself at home too!

I’ve put together a little DIY hair spray made out of only water and sea salt as a base, and to which I felt free to add whatever felt good on my hair that I already owned in my pantry. If your hair is on the dry side of things, you might want to consider adding a teaspoon (or so) of melted coconut oil, whereas if your locks are oily like mine, I can assure lemon juice works magic at making your clean hair last longer (just remember to store the spray in the fridge if you add lemon or other fruit juices – especially in summertime!). Use chamomile essential oil if your hair is light and you want to enhance your golden locks, infuse the mist with rosemary or basil leaves to promote hair growth or add tea tree oil if your hair is very dry or thyme essential oil to help with hair loss.


Measure out 200ml of clean water, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of flaky sea salt and pour both in a saucepan. Bring water to a boil, use a spoon to help salt dissolve into the water easily. Once all the salt is dissolved, remove from heat and leave it cool down completely. Add essential oils, juices or leaves and mix well while the water is still cooling down. Then pour the mist into a clean spray bottle (you might want to filter it with a strainer if you added juices or leaves) and spray on damp hair everytime you want!

Have you ever tried your hands at a DIY sea salt hair mist? Will you give this a try? x