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August in 1:1 Snaps

August 31st  •  Posted in Lifestyle

August in 1:1 Snaps

We’re back, back to the usual, back to work, to homemade breakfasts, to the same desk and the same laptop, and August’s already come to an end. I can’t really believe how fast time runs when you’re having a well-deserved vacation, even more than the rest of the year, which is flying by so quickly anyway! We’ve had so much fun in August and are so glad we actually decided to treat ourselves to a holiday after so long: even though I kind of had a hard time to admit every human needs to stop and relax sometimes, it felt such a blessing at some point to be able to just stop thinking about big plans and goals, work and all that stressful stuff, for a few weeks and just enjoy the sea, sand, sun and the freedom we had at our fingertips.

So here is my monthly happy list…

1 :: Having a good amount of time by the beach felt such a blessing after not seeing the sea for years. I’ve mentioned it before, but living there even for only a few weeks made the world of good to my body and mind and now I feel so positive about everything!

2 :: Even gloomy days have been a pleasure there, the perfect occasion for exploring a new place and wandering around the local market picking up fresh local fruit and cute souvenirs. Those are the small things that will stay with me for a while when thinking back at the whole holiday!

3 :: Late night takeaway pizza. After a long day during which we took advantage of every last second of sun on the beach, we went on the hunt for a takeaway pizza place, which, as it turned out, wasn’t the easiest of the tasks. But, even if my pick wasn’t the best of the choices, it was a lovely night anyway!

4 :: Getting back into the routine isn’t always the happiest thing, but I’m quite glad I was finally able to please my need to get back to work as soon as possible. Having a routine always make me feel organized and like everything is in its right place. Am I the only one?!

5 :: Cinema night. I seem to mention this one quite often in these posts, but we had a lovely homemade pizza + cinema night just a couple of days ago and I always enjoy it so much. Plans called for popcorn too, but we were so full after all the pizza that we decided to skip those. We watched The Imitation Game, which was a nice one indeed!

What’s on your happy list this month? x

August in 1:1 Snaps

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