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In July I’ve Loved…

August 1st  •  Posted in Favourites

In July I've Loved...

Here are a few things I’ve loved in the month of July…

In July I've Loved...

In July I've Loved...

Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar ; Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask ; Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

I’ve had a quick tour into my trusted Lush boutique this month, and as usual, things ended up with me picking up more than only the free mask I was expecting to come home with. I got a new shampoo bar (and if you read this blog, you’ll now I have a thing for their shampoo bars) and, even if I’ve tried it only a few times, I can already say I maybe love it more than my usual choice, Jumping Juniper. Montalbano has an amazing intense citrus scent, and it’s a serious wonder for oily hair, containing rosemary, lemon oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It leaves my hair refreshed but never dry.

This time, instead of my usual Cupcake mask (whose scent is getting a bit boring to me), I decided to try something more fresh and soothing, that I thought would be a great choice especially after a day spent by the seaside. Catastrophe Cosmetic contains blueberries, chamomile, rose and almond oil. In a few words is the perfect calming and cooling mask jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidant for a smooth, soft, renewed skin.

This month I’ve also discovered a natural deodorant that actually works! I’ll leave the details for another time, but I was on the lookout for a good, effective natural deodorant since a long time having a very sensitive skin. I decided to try the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream and I’m in love! It’s 100% natural and smells amazing, but not only that: unlike other natural deodorant, it really works and last a very long time too!

In July I've Loved...

PackPoint App

As I’ve announced in my previous post, we’re going to have a vacation! An actual two-weeks-long holiday by the sea! And the packing-organizing-freak that’s in me can’t help but be excited to pack and put things together, pre-select outfits and store things. I’ve downloaded PackPoint to keep track of all that: it makes you create a few lists of objects you need, some suggested by the activities you select others according to the weather. It makes packing and writing to-pack lists such a joy!

In July I've Loved...

In July I've Loved...

Zara Top (Similar) ; ASOS High Waisted China Print Bikini ; Dainty Necklace ℅ Happyness Boutique

I’ve been shopping beachwear ever since the news we’re going to be by the sea was official, and, even though shopping for bikinis has never been my favourite, now that high waisted bikinis are a thing, I’m a very happy girl. There’s nothing else on the beachwear front that fits me better! I’ve bought this High Waisted China Print Bikini from ASOS, and even thought I haven’t put it at use yet, I’m in love! The print, the shape, everything. Paired with a nice coverup like that Zara top, I just can’t wait to be on a beach!

This month I’ve discovered Happyness Boutique, an online destination for all statement (but also dainty) jewelry straight from Germany. There’s something lovely and special about the store, the packagings, the “Grandma’s tips on jewelry care” little note that comes with their items, that truly made me happy to open that little box! I love their Key To Happiness Layered Necklace In Rose Gold, it’s dainty and feminine and, as everything else, has something special about it. Maybe it’s just about the name!


What’s on your favourites list this month? x

  • The bikini’s print is gorgeous! *-*
    Where are you going? I went to Puglia, Salento. Oh goodness, it was paradise on Earth!
    Btw, I’m a packing-organizing-freak, too!

    Virginia |

  • in love with that bikini xx

  • Thank you so much for the packing app recommendation! I’m going away soon as well and I’ve been fretting over trying to compile packing lists. x

  • I am so intrigued by that deodorant cream!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Oh my goodness, there are some beautiful picks here! I love natural deodorants so I’d love to try this! And the bikini and that little necklace are so pretty x

    Martha Jane |

  • Looove the necklace and bikini. Real cute 🙂