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Our day trip to the lake

August 5th  •  Posted in Travel

Our Day Trip to the lake

In July we decided to take a couple of weeks off from working non-stop and get back to enjoy those simple things that just didn’t fit into our routine anymore: like having a mexican dinner cooked from scratch, a cinema night at home, a walk outside, just those things that you forget about when you’re too busy working all day and night! Before those pair of weeks even started I felt like I needed to plan something, have somewhere to go and something to do at least 4 days/7 or those weeks could have been wasted… but instead, I’ve found myself wishing the house was the only place on earth we needed to be in.

But plans had been made, and on a sunny hot Friday we stepped out armed with backpacks filled with swimsuits, toiletries and food, and made our way to our very first day trip of the summer. We planned a day out exploring Sirmione, a very slim piece of ground surrounded by Lake Garda. Its medieval old town is just the prettiest, with those small old cobblestone streets filled with the cutest little boutiques, the arches, bridges and the castle right on the lake.

I’ve been there a few times but it was our first proper time visiting it together, and even though it costed me a bad sunburn, there’s something so enjoyable about having lunch on the lakeside that it totally justifies the couple of hours of driving.

Our Day Trip to the Lake

Our Day Trip to the Lake

Our Day Trip to the Lake

Our Day Trip to the Lake

After a few hours of exploring, making friends with small sparrows looking for bread crumbs and eating a very nice organic ice cream, it was time for us to shut the technology down and enjoy a full afternoon at the spa. I actually wish I had pictures of it! It was so beautiful, with the pools right on the lake and the view of the sunset, yet it felt such a blessing to stay away from phones, cameras and social media for a few hours and just enjoy our own company and the peaceful relaxing atmosphere in there.

I hope you like these very postcard-like pictures from our trip! x

Our Day Trip to the Lake

Our Day Trip to the Lake

  • It looks absolutely beautiful, it’s always nice to take a break from busy life and enjoy the outdoors! xxx

  • Lissy Hayes

    I like taking a break every now and then, it’s so good for you and I think it reminds you whats important. It’s so easy to get caught up in life, it’s nice to appreciate the little things.

    lissy @

  • Gorgeous photos! They make me want to hop on a plane to Italy right this moment. I’ve always wanted to visit Lake Garda. It’s always good to take a break, even when you’ve got a lot of things on.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings