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100 years of Maybelline!

October 21st  •  Posted in Beauty

100 years of Maybelline

If you ask me which has been my first makeup product ever, I’d surely reply it was a Maybelline one. I remember even my first makeup review blog post was about a Maybelline mascara (and we’re talking of times when this blog didn’t even exist in my own mind!). So when I was invited to celebrate Maybelline’s 100th birthday by trying out some of their new products launched during Milan Fashion Week, I was as excited as my younger-teen-self when picking up her very first mascara after praying her mum for it for so long. Now, after 100 years of being into this world, Maybelline has renewed its claim to “Make It Happen”, and their new products seem to be pretty loyal to the new slogan too!

100 years of Maybelline


You might know I’m a lover of very natural and soft makeup, and everything that aims to give my skin a natural smooth finish I’m sold for it! So you can imagine how happy I was to add another very natural foundation to my collection! Their new Dream Satin Fluide foundation has that cream-to-powder finish I’m so in love with since it has been invented: when you apply it on your face it firstly feels very creamy and easy to smooth out, but then it almost magically turns into a sort of powder when it settles down, and the skin feels soft and looks smooth but very natural. It has a very decent covering power, which is great in this period of the year, and lasts for a very long time on the skin too – always looking as when you applied it.

It has quickly become one of my favourite base products, feeling so lightweight on the skin during the day but providing a nice amount of coverage at the same time, while giving a nice natural finish to my skin.

100 years of Maybelline


As I said I’m one that always sticks to a very natural makeup routine, and as a result the eyeliner step doesn’t always feel mandatory when I put my makeup on in the morning. However, I do am a fan of a well-defined eye, and I go through phases when eyeliner feels like a proper life-savior to me. It’s the quickest and easier option to enhance the eye without going for a complete eye makeup.

Maybelline has launched their new Master Ink eyeliner in both a satin and matte finish. The satin one has been on my eyelid ever since I received it and tried it for the very first time: I first thought I would have liked the matte finish best, however when seeing the satin eyeliner on my eyes, I totally liked the different look it created. This eyeliners are perfect for creating a very thin and precise line (which is great also for bold looks, as you can easily build up the line into something thicker without overdoing) thanks to their applicator, and are both extremely black.

They aim to last all day without smears, and as much as the satin eyeliner totally passed the test and lasted even more than 24h on my hand when I firstly swatched it, the matte one didn’t really impress me as it lasted only a few hours and also started fading and looking not that precise anymore.

100 years of Maybelline

100 years of Maybelline


It has been a while that I haven’t used a Maybelline mascara anymore, probably because one of their old product wasn’t a fan of my poor eyes. I’ve been quite afraid of trying a new one ever since, even if with different formulas, but their new Lash Sensational mascara has been good to my eyes this time, and it’s not an understatement to say I have found my Holy Grail makeup product with it!

I have very straight and boring lashes, so for me something that can’t miss in every makeup look is lovely curled long lashes. For this, I’ve always used a good old eyelash curler and waterproof mascaras, as those were the only ones that could hold the curl throughout the day. However the Lash Sensational mascara, without even being waterproof, holds the curl so perfectly, but not only that, it also enhance it somehow. It mixes the practicality of a non-waterproof mascara (because being able to remove your makeup completely with only one gentle makeup remover is always a plus) and the holding power I’ve only previously found in a waterproof product. And it’s super black too!

100 years of Maybelline

These are three products I’ve been wearing non-stop ever since I tried them, and some that will stay between my everyday makeup picks for a while, I’m sure.


Have you tried these products? Can you believe Maybelline has been around for 100 years?! x



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