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4 Skillshare Classes You Need To Check Out

October 16th  •  Posted in Tech

4 Skillshare Classes You Need To Check Out

As I’ve already mentioned in my latest monthly favourites post, I’ve only recently made the switch to Skillshare‘s premium membership, and I’ve been in love with it ever since! Skillshare is just the perfect place to go where I want to learn something new or different. Especially on the desig front, there’re so many creatives and awesome teachers ready teach you a new skill from zero. And I don’t know about you, but to me learning and trying my hands at something new is always so fun! Thanks to a couple of Skillshare classes I’ve found my way into the beautiful world of calligraphy, which is something I’ve always wanted to give a try to.

I’ve tried and tested a few too many classes since purchasing my premium membership, and I thought it could be nice to gather up four of my favourites. You should really check these ones out!

Adam Whitcroft’s Icon Design – This one, I’ve really loved. Adam Whitcroft is an amazing teacher and makes something I’ve always thought to be so difficult, actually look very simple. Icon design is something I’ve always wanted to give a whirl at: designing websites on a daily basic, I often feel the need to have an icon set of my own, something personal and different from any other. This class will guide you through the process of putting together a cohesive icon set using Illustrator and Photoshop, and in the end you’ll be left with a beautiful, handcrafted set ready to appear on the web!

Jamie Bartlett’s Dry-Ink: Smart Texturing In Photoshop – This class is pretty quick but so very smart and useful. I love to learn new Photoshop tricks, and a dry-ink texture, let’s be honest, always comes handy and looks lovely on texts. This class is very intuitive and easy to follow, great for beginners too!

Bryn Chernoff’s Calligraphy I – If you want to try your hands at calligraphy once in your lifetime but can’t really take part of any of those so-aesthetically-pleasing classes with tea and cupcakes served alongside, you should totally give this class a try. You’ll be guide through the whole process of picking your calligraphy tool, start writing for the first time and finally learn how to write small paragraphs and phrases. In less than 2 hours! With worksheets too! You can’t really go better than this.

Belinda Love Lee’s Digitize Your Own Calligraphy – Following her on social media, I was very excited when this class came out. I loved taking a sneak peek at her design process. This class is great for learning how to quickly digitize your own calligraphy and a little bit more about paper and letterpress, which has always sounded so appealing to me.

Any other fans of Skillshare? What about your favourite classes? x

  • Ali

    Prima o poi farò anche io un abbonamento a skillshare… dopo la laurea ^_^ devo cimentarmi nella calligrafia, ho giusto preso due brush pen l’altro giorno!

  • Abendfeuer