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Autumn Wishlist

October 29th  •  Posted in Style


Not that I am a huge fan of this sudden cold, but I have to admit the colder months have their own charm. With the chill being the standard, I’m starting wanting to collect all things cozy, and only be in cozy environments too! All the cozy coats and knitted wear and jumpers (not to talk about slippers!) are just calling my name so loudly lately and that’s everything I wish I could wear! I love the crisp air of these chilly Autumn days, but for some reasons as soon as cold hits all I’d do is wrapping myself into a ball of blankets and only wearing cozy and warming loungewear. And goodbye to all things stylish. Anyone else is with me?

I was recently introduced to Sammy Dress, an online shop where you can find literally any type of clothes for any type of style. Between the very cozy knitwear and autumnal coats (which are just the butter to my bread!) the website has also inspired me with some stylish pieces too: they have a huge number of beautiful but super inexpensive watches (as well as accessories), even more for their bags (I love that vintage small crossbody bag! – but maybe I’m starting collection a few too many?!) and flat shoes (my favourite section of the website). Not to mention their Home & Garden section where any home-and-living typology of product can be found – including nice pieces of home décor and stationery!

Now I only need to stock on some of that lovely knitwear and some beautiful tartan scarves and I’m all set for Autumn!


01. Casual Straight Thick Denim Jacket;
02. Leather Band Watch;
03. Leather Flat Shoes;
04. Vintage Style Crossbody Bag;
05. Fleece Lined Hooded Coat;
06. Solid Color Cable Knit Sweater;
07. Xiaomi Small Notebook.