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November 10th  •  Posted in Craft



Before being introduced to Brother I would have never thought a labeler could have ever come somewhat of useful in my daily life (yet I say I’m an organized person!) but I of course jumped at the chance to try one of them out on a daily basis and accepted the challenge to use a labeler to organize anything really: since I got my hands on my new Brother labeler I have actually found an unlimited amount of ways to put it into good use, from writing the names for my mailbox to creating page titles and little notes for our photo albums!

Their PT-H100R Labeler it’s specifically though for a daily use and with their slogan “At your side”, Brother aims to help women to organize their life on a daily basis, proposing colorful interchangeable labels to print on and the cutest little illustrations to add to your print.



I’ve found my labeler extra useful to print little bookmarks to apply to my agenda, simply by printing some small text or little images that help me at finding the section I’m looking for in no time at all: ‘to do’, ‘notes’, ‘budget’ and more! I would have never thought it but it’s such a staple to organize any side of office work, great to add notes where needed, to create little titles or dividers inside my agenda, organize my financial worksheets in chronological order and even organizing my work under client names in alphabetical order!


I can’t really wait to get my hands on their fabric labels to print my brand name and stick it on my handmade cotton products!


What would you organize with your labeler? x



  • Well labelers are a whole new world! When you have one, you literally want to label anything you own… 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • Oh I love this idea! I don’t own a labeller, but being just as crazy about organisation, I should have one, shouldn’t I? Although I’m afraid that if I do grab myself one, I’ll be putting stickers all over the place, haha.

  • Janelle Walden