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Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 21st  •  Posted in Craft

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Not sure how, but this time every year things start to become stressful and frantic, between the whole organizing Christmas day and buying the last few presents and then wrapping them up. So seeing your Christmas tree all surrounded with beautifully wrapped gifts, perhaps that’s the view I most enjoy about the Holiday season. Or perhaps it’s about the process of putting wrapping paper and bows together that I truly enjoy, that’s when the Christmas spirit starts feeling alive for real.

I do enjoy a beautifully wrapped present when I spot it, but I also reckon most people usually don’t care about the packaging and all that pretty paper just goes destroyed in minutes after the gifts are exchanged. So to me it’s more about the process in itself: picking up a pretty wrapping paper, combining colours and patterns, learning new ways to tie a bow, or just getting creative and appreciate the atmosphere. And then getting to enjoy the view of all that glitter-y ribbons between the tree fairy lights.

Even though I do believe getting creative is the way to go in these cases, today I wanted to share some simple but effective gift wrapping ideas if you need some inspiration!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Add some branches

This is the simplest, most inexpensive yet very effective idea: just go outside, pick up some branches of holly, pine or small red berries like the ones we got from our backyard, and tie them between the knots of your red and white twine to add a festive feel to your gifts! This is so simple but makes for the perfect winter-y gift and your presents will smell very festive too!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Decorate with bells and candy cane

For a fun and different touch, I’ve bought a pack of cute little bells, that not only make the presents all jingling, but once the gifts will be unwrapped they can be hung or used as Christmas tree ornaments! While for kids or any sweet tooth in your life, think about tying a colourful candy cane between the knots of your twine.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Use a box

If you’ve created a themed gift set, consider buying a cute Christmassy box (that can be easily re-used to store objects), fill it with shredded paper and place your pieces in it. Add a cute bow on top and your gift tags and you’re settled!


  • Seriously cute wrapping!

    Jenna | Beauty And The Style

  • These are so cute Giada – you put me and my brown paper with some white string to shame!!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family x