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The very best homemade hot chocolate

December 11th  •  Posted in Recipe

The very best homemade hot chocolate

I am a fan of sleeping with my curtains open, so when the first warm light of the day hits I naturally wake up at the perfect time every day. And I’m especially a fan of winter sunny crisp mornings, perfect for waking up early and indulging in a bit extra time in the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate between the hands. And yes, I’m also a fan of extra sweet hot chocolate as first thing in the morning, one of my new favourite winter treat.

While I’m a lover of thick, creamy Italian hot chocolate most of the times, I do love myself something a little bit on the gentle side. Something easy to sip while in bed while browsing through the pages of a magazine. Something to drink in pair with a little baked treat. And I happen to have found the perfect homemade hot chocolate recipe that ticks all the boxes at once! Made with real chocolate too. And you want to try it. You really do.

The very best homemade hot chocolate

The very best homemade hot chocolate

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Serving Size: 2 Mugs

The very best homemade hot chocolate


  • 400ml Whole Milk
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon Brown Sugar
  • 40g dark chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch/flour


1 :: Measure out the milk by pouring it into two mugs (around 400ml) and then move it into a medium-size saucepan.

2 :: Put the cornstarch (or flour) in a small bowl or coffee cup and add 2 tablespoon of the measured milk; blend nicely until completely dissolved, add more milk if needed. Then pour the mixture back in the saucepan.

3 :: Add the brown sugar to the saucepan, as well as the dark chocolate (cubed) then turn the heat on. Melt down the ingredients into the milk on a low heat while stirring continuously with a wooden spoon.

4 :: Keep stirring and heating the mixture until the hot chocolate starts coming together nicely (it takes around 10 minutes for the chocolate to actually blend with the milk) and the hot chocolate starts to thicken just a tiny little bit. Do not allow the milk to boil.

5 :: Serve in two big mugs and enjoy! Top with anything you like!

The very best homemade hot chocolate

Do you ever give homemade hot chocolate a whirl?

  • Sounds beautifully indulgent and simple to make.

  • Definitely something to make this evening I am craving it like mad xxx