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Wreath Making

December 7th  •  Posted in Craft

Wreath Making

Here in Italy bringing a real pine at home to be used as Christmas tree is not really a thing (which I’m totally OK with), yet I love how pines smell and I’d like to associate that scent with Christmas as most of the people do! We’re not starting to bring home a real tree, but this year, instead of dusting off the usual artificial wreath, we thought it might be nice to try our hands at making our own real pine-smelling Christmas wreath!

I reckon we’re quite lucky to be able to go out and come home with two bags full of branches of all type of conifers out there (aside from pines which are mandatory, we found also beech and cypress work quite nicely), pine cones and holly; however I think if you’re not that lucky, you’ll be still able to find your supplies at your local florist and I also saw some boutiques selling decorative pine cones that could work nicely! Obviously nothing can beat going out and picking up natural wide branches smelling like only Winter does!

Wreath Making

Wreath Making

Wreath Making
Wreath Making

I can’t describe how lovely our home smelled after we brought all of our supplies in and started arranging our wreaths. Nothing could beat that, mixed with the smell of the finest hot chocolate you’re sipping in the meanwhile and the sound of Christmas songs whistled in the background, I’ll tell you!

To make our own wreath, we used small and medium branches of pine and cypress, as well as some small and medium pinecones, some hand-picked holly and red berries from our backyard. We totally improvised, but after two wreaths we saw some improvements in our technique, so here are some tips we learnt along the way:

  • Make a thick circular base with some garden wire, at least three layers, then seal the layers with other wire twisted all around the base. This will create a solid starting point for your wreath.
  • Start with the thickest branches and firmly link them to the base with the wire.
  • Always make the branches follow the circumference in only one direction.
  • Use smaller branches to cover any hole or poor space.
  • Only add decorations like pine cones, holly and berries when you’re completely happy with your base!

We’re so pleased with how our wreath has turned out and you won’t believe how incredible it smells! I think, from now on wreath making must become a Christmas tradition of ours – the whole going out and picking up your own branches and then putting all the elements together surrounded by the most classical festive scent of all, this whole process might be even more enjoyable than decorating a Christmas tree, and I’m not joking!

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Wreath Making

Wreath Making

Will you give wreath making a whirl this year? x

  • Making a wreath is such a lovely idea, it looks absolutely beautiful and festive xx

  • We made a wreath last year but it’s out of artificial spruces so we’ll be hanging it up this weekend and hopefully for many years to come. We do get a real tree though so we’ll get the pine smell that way.
    Your wreath is very beautifully made!