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Achievable Goals for 2016

January 6th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Achieable Goals for 2016

First post of 2016! And first post after not blogging for what it feels like ages: then happy New Year everyone!

I’m a strong believer that setting big goals for the year ahead is more counterproductive than anything else, with great goals tendency to become overwhelming or making you feel you actually didn’t do it during the journey. However I pretty enjoyed setting very tiny small goals for 2015 last year, as those small achievable things just make you enjoy the process and the little things you are building in the meanwhile. And then, if you happen to achieve something bigger, that’s always nice. But not every year is my year – I’ve learnt it the hard way – and New Year resolutions to me should be something to rely on when you feel down, so that you can see you actually did achieved something nice so far.

So this year I’m trying and promising myself I can do something small and achievable, that I know it’s good and healthy for myself and make me feel nice but that I somehow don’t ever “have time” to do. Here are my small goals for 2016…

Achieable Goals for 2016

Achieable Goals for 2016
Start a recipes diary + bake more

Baking is the thing I love more. And believe it or not, even if I still blog about some recipes sometimes, I’m not spending as much time in the kitchen as I would like. Carving out time for myself and some new recipes to try out is always nice and a priority this new year, so I thought maybe starting my own illustrated recipes diary (just the perfect excuse to use one of those cute notebooks I got for Christmas) was just the right push to spend more time baking and doing something I love!

Achieable Goals for 2016

Achieable Goals for 2016
Get better at calligraphy

In 2015 I decided to jump on the calligraphy bandwagon and discovered it’s an activity I actually love and find relaxing. At first I practiced almost every single day, but then, with the launch of the new website and work coming my way, I somehow find myself practicing it only rarely. In 2016 I’ll make an effort and try to get better at it, practicing more often and dedicating time to hand writing as it’s something I love!

Achieable Goals for 2016

Achieable Goals for 2016
Colouring evenings

Let’s be honest and admit it will never happen that I’ll be able to shut technology down completely before going to bed. I’m OK with it. But I’d like to get into some healthier evening habits this year, and having just joined the whole colouring book trend and discovered how relaxing it could be (and how nice if made in couple), I’ll try and avoid technology as much as I can in favour of spending some time colouring some pages instead these next months.

Achieable Goals for 2016

Achieable Goals for 2016
Read more

This is a tough one. One that always appears in my new year resolutions but that I can’t seem to achieve as I would like to. I have always loved reading and most times I miss it. There’s just no excuse; so this time, instead of going for a specific number, I’ll try and read more books than usual this year.


Here’s to a new year full of little enjoyable things.
I’d love to know about your goals for 2016! Are you for the small or big goals? x

  • Your goals are SO achievable. One of mine is to bake more – I bought the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook to try out some recipes.

    One of your goals is reading more and I think I may be able to help you – I do book reviews over on my blog and if you ever want a recommendation or just a genre suggestion, I’m on Twitter quite a lot (@owlsandstags) so feel free to ask.

    EL xx

  • These are great goals! Happy New Year!

    xo, Liz

  • Eleanor Weyman

    Great goals, good luck with them! I attempted some new year’s resolutions last year and didn’t actually achieve even one so I’m not kidding myself this year :’)

    Elesaurus |

  • I love the ‘adult’ colouring books! They are so relaxing 🙂 great blog!