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Benefits of a paraben-free haircare

January 28th  •  Posted in Beauty

Benefits of a paraben-free haircare

Benefits of a paraben-free haircare

Check out Why You Should Get Into A Paraben-Free Haircare Routine

by Giada at Mode

Around this time two years ago I decided I wanted to cut parabens out of my haircare routine completely. And let me say one thing: that’s probably the best thing I could do for my hair apart from stopping using heat and bleach on it! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect organic shampoo for so long, only to realize there are tuns of brands that make paraben-free shampoos that are as good if not even better than standard products (enter Lush shampoo bars but also something like Garnier paraben-free shampoos). But last but not at least, my hair now feels so thick and healthy, with its own natural shine fully enhanced and growing as fast as it never did before!

So here are a couple of benefits of a paraben-free haircare routine…

01 :: Results are long term – While chemicals will leave you with the feeling your hair is softer and healthier right now, in the long term they work against your hair and damage it. Natural products instead might not give you instant visible results, but the longer you use them the healthier your hair will feel and look!

02 :: Parabens are bad for the environment – Not only avoiding parabens is good for your hair health, but it’s fundamental for the environment. Parabens have been found in the bodies of marine mammals, probably coming from products we use that are washed into the sewage system and released into the environment.

03 :: Organic products are just as good – While the hunt for the perfect organic product for your hair type could be challenging in a first place, truth is natural hair products are as good if not better! There are actually lots of brands who cares about the ingredients list but also provide amazing product, 100 times better than ones full of parabens.


{ Check out my ‘Why You Should Get Into A Paraben-Free Haircare Routine’ article for more }
Any of you avoiding parabens? I’d love to know about your favourite natural haircare brand! x

  • DippyWrites

    Using paraben-free haircare has really improved the condition of my hair, it’s so much softer now 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on the benefits of using them