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My Day in Tea Cups

January 21st  •  Posted in Food

My Day In Tea Cups

If you read my blog since a while, you would have seen tuns of mentions about tea in my posts – it’s just no secret at all that I love a cuppa every now and then. Or even more often.

I like all about tea. From the boiling and pouring actions to the very first sip, the warming feeling of your hands hugging a hot cup and the sweet taste of warm tea in which I overdid a little with sugar or honey – because I like it extra sweet! I like tea mugs, in fact I’m obsessed with them and my kitchen pantry is kind of overflowing because of them with me pretending not to see that. I love milk in tea, classic cow milk in black tea and almond milk in chai tea. I love lemon in my green tea. I love sweet teas, herbal teas, black tea, green tea.

I think I like tea more than cheese. And that’s not even possible!

Wasn’t it about time to share my favourite tea picks throughout the day (and show off part of my mug collection)? So here it is, ‘my day in tea cups’.

My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups

Morning tea

Even though I’m partial to coffee as first thing in the morning, I do sometimes still have tea for breakfast and if I don’t, I’ll surely have a cup after my morning yoga – it makes my morning routine even nicer! In the morning I like my tea even sweeter than usual, preferring black tea above others: my current (or should I say all-time?) favourite is the Lipton Vanilla Caramel Black Tea – this tea is such a treat, with caramel and vanilla pairing so nicely, sweet and delicate, almost creamy. It’s sweet even without adding sugar (but I highly suggest a teaspoon of organic honey for the perfectly indulgent tea) and milk it’s just made for it. Even though I do not dislike it in the afternoon too, it makes for the perfect early morning tea cup.

My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups

5 o’clock tea

I’ll always have tea in the afternoon. I love colder seasons just because tea never seems out of place, and personally, suffering cold quite a lot, when the sun goes down and the temperatures start falling, there’s nothing better to me than a warming hot cup of tea to take a break in the middle of the afternoon. I like green tea in the afternoon, any green tea really: I am a fan of the Clipper Citrus & Echinacea Green Tea as I think lemon-like flavours pair so nicely with green tea, but I also love mint green tea and jasmine green tea especially (one of my favourites!).

My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups
My Day In Tea Cups

Nighttime tea

I have recently written a little article about effective hacks to sleep better for Mode, highly suggesting, between others, to try some teas and infusions just before bedtime as a lot of them are known to be natural remedies to treat insomnia. I find myself having a cup of tea in the evening quite often: I like fennel tea for digestion, rose and chamomile for helping me relax and fall asleep easily (great when you have a lot going on in your head and you toss and turn a bit too much!). I’m also curious to stock up on lavender, oat flower and lemon balm teas to see how they work with me, as they’re also great nighttime picks.


I’m on the market for new teas, so I’d love to know what you like to drink throughout your days! x

  • That Lipton Vanilla Caramel black tea sounds so good. I must try it sometime I think. I’m such a bad tea drinker too. On average I drink about 5 cups of tea a day and sometimes even more when it’s especially cold outside. My absolute favourite tea is called Autumn Storm, but it’s mainly just a apple and cinnamon tea. I love it, but I also drink a lot of green tea. I have one now that is mint and lemon green tea and it’s amazing.

    Love, Eline

    • We would drink tea at any hour, wouldn’t we?! That lemon and mint green tea sounds SO lovely! What brand is it from? Would love to try it!! x

      • I got it from a store called Sostrene & Grene. Not sure what brand it’s from though, because it was loose tea.

  • I loved this- as someone who has at least 4 cups a day of tea 🙂

  • floral feather

    Love this post. You just can’t beat a nice tea. Clipper green tea with lemon is probably my favourite, but I do like Chai every now and then too – it tastes very wintery! Gorgeous glass mug too.

    Zoe | floral and feather

  • Love this post! Your mugs are the cutest. I’ve read the Konmari book and I’ve still yet to complete the kind of all-around clean that she reccomends. I hope to actually accomplish it someday!

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  • minaali

    That Lipton tea is from where I live, I believe! Sri Lanka. 🙂

    The Snap Narrative

  • Oh, I just adore this! So cute!

  • Georgie

    Ahh this is such a cute post – you really are quite the expert! Love how passionate you are about tea 🙂 love your pics too xx