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Things I Should Do More Often

January 24th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Things I should do more often

Things I should do more often

I’ve already shared my love for the Balanced App and the importance of treating yourself more often in a recent post, and since starting using that app and writing that article especially, I’ve started getting into those activities I love doing but somehow I always find myself too busy for actually practicing them. I realized what I was doing with myself was something very similar to suppressing my own passions in honour of work, and work again. Rediscovering those activities I’ve always loved doing felt such a treat recently, and since the beginning of this 2016 I’m feeling my life is actually a lot more balanced between work and passions.

Here are five things I should do more often in the following months…

01 :: Practicing yoga – At the beginning of every year I always feel so very motivated to get into yoga again, but as the year goes on that initial motivation slowly fades until at the very end I hardly ever practice yoga at all. I’ve always loved yoga, taking time for myself, switching off, stretching my muscles, welcoming a little heat (especially now that the weather is so cold it feels so lovely!), and this month I’ve rediscovered it again, wishing this time I can keep it going all year round!

02 :: Read – Reading more always appears in my new years resolutions, but this time I actually managed to start doing it right away (which usually never happens as ‘I have a whole year ahead for getting started!‘): right before bedtime I take my time to get comfortable into my PJs, heat up my hot water bottle and make a cup of fennel tea and immerse myself into some pages. It feels lovely to switch technology off an hour or so before bedtime, it not only helps to sleep better, but I’m also rediscovering the pleasure of reading a nice book and immersing myself in a different world.

03 :: Go outside – Yes, I actually added this one to the Balanced App, because, even though it seems so basic, I tend to forget about stepping out the house even only for a couple of hours a week! I work from home and sometimes it’s easy to forget where work ends and life starts, and when I take some time for myself I usually do it on the couch catching up with TV series – which I love, but sometimes it’s nice to go outside, get some fresh air in my lungs and just enjoy some time outside my usual spaces, at least once a week!

04 :: Colouring – In December we decided to give the whole colouring book trend a go and this month we have come to quite enjoy it on a Saturday night. It’s actually a quiet enjoyable couple activity I think and it totally relaxes me, so it’s something I plan on doing more this year!

05 :: Bake something new – I love baking (you would know it if you’re following this blog since a while!), it’s an activity I have a true passion for and something that always put me in a good mood. For some reasons I still don’t do it often enough for my liking, but I love discovering new recipe and trying my hands at something new. I’ve tried a couple of new recipes since the year has started and I’m totally happy with them! I should remember to bake something new every week!


Would love to know what you’d need to do more often!
And if you have books and recipes suggestions please let me know! x

  • Truc Pham

    I definitely agree with that entire list! 2015 I was so focused on work and school but now that 2016 is here I want to focus more on what I love doing like blogging, photography, baking and hiking! Thanks for sharing this is a great list!

    • Thank YOU for reading and sharing this comment! I think we all tend to forget about taking care of ourselves and our passions a bit too often, isn’t it?! x

  • jodie.keith

    I can relate to all of these. With busy lifestyles in modern times it is often so easy to forget to take time out to relax and do things like read and colouring! It’s so important for your mental wellbeing, though.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • charlotte samantha

    I love this post, and is definitly something I have aimed too achieve in 2016. Do more things that you love! Cause well why not

    CharlotteSamantha //

  • Loved this. I think the Balanced App is my favourite app I have on my phone- always keep me in check and to practice self-care!

  • I wanted to start colouring, but I’ve actually started painting and lettering instead and it’s so soothing for the soul! x

    Martha Jane |

    • Lettering is so nice and relaxing as well! I should think about alternate it to colouring too x

  • I can definitely relate. I need to get out more and take more photographs. I am making inroads into my reading again though.

    I’ll have to check out that app.

  • These are all things I need to do more of, really! I’ve been trying to fit in a 30 Days of Yoga Challenge this month but have only managed to do it about half the time. I figure if I aim for every day and only get 50%, it’s still better than I was doing this year (which was exactly 0%…). I also need to say ‘no’ more often, so I have some time to actually do all of the good, relaxing things I know I need to do!

    • Last year I did the 30 days in a row and it was SO nice!! At the beginning I felt like skipping a few days, but I was motivated to give it a proper go and in the end all I was waiting for was that moment in the morning for my yoga practice! I’m doing the challenge right now as well and I’m sad my current lifestyle doesn’t allow me to practice everyday as I wanted! x

  • Jordan Burrell

    I think it’s so important to have balance and make time for what’s important to you! I’d love to spend more time getting outside too and trying new things 🙂

    My General Life

  • I wish that app was available for android. It is such a great idea x.
    I need to create my own list too, although I already have a few things in the back of my mind that I try to do everyday x