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Lingerie for Body Confidence

February 5th  •  Posted in Style

Lingerie for Body Confidence

I believe in the power of makeup and clothes. They might seem insignificant but we girls know what a nice foundation, a pair of jeans that just fits very nice, comfortable but beautiful shoes, a radiant red nail varnish or lipstick could do to our confidence. Yet what I’ve learnt in the past few years about body confidence is that it comes from underneath all of that. Body confidence is not about hiding what you don’t like but come to appreciate what you have. And what better way to start by getting naked (or almost?) and start by appreciating how your body looks in your underwear?!

A couple of months ago I came to the point where I felt very uncomfortable with most of my underwear pieces, feeling like they didn’t fit me very well and I haven’t bought any new pair for way too long. It’s not the first time I’ve felt that way: it’s something that happens to me very often to feel unhappy with my lingerie pieces and how they look on me and feel the urge of emptying my underwear drawer to start afresh. While comfortable ‘granny pants’ are good for one week each month, I know for sure there’s a strong link between lingerie and body confidence and between that feeling of looking good in your own body and the attitude you happen to put into things during your days.

I came to realize once again that when in front of a mirror looking at my body with only underwear on, it’s not my body I need to change to start feeling comfortable and at ease in what I’m wearing but it’s my current lingerie that doesn’t make the cut for me and my body figure anymore! It’s not about neglecting what you have but enhancing the good of it instead.

Lingerie for Body Confidence
Lingerie for Body Confidence
Lingerie for Body Confidence

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and lingerie becoming the subject around this period of the year, I felt the need of sharing the news: your underwear should fit you like a glove and it’s absolutely not the opposite that needs to happen for you to feel confident in your own body!

For many it might be easy to find the perfect pair that fits you nicely, but maybe it’s not as perfect as it should, and I know for a fact that for others it’s almost impossible to find the perfect set on the market – or at least I feel that way about underwear shops and my body figure!

But with getting to know my body and trying out different pieces I came to realize high waisted (or so) bottoms are the ones to go for with my hips (and the most difficult to hunt down in fact!) and triangle, lace, sheer bras make me feel supported but feminine… and yes, sexy too sometimes!

Lingerie for Body Confidence

The most challenging part about it all, I’ll tell you, is figuring out what actually works for you. I felt disheartened and it totally started influencing the way I felt and behaved in the everyday life. And you know what, hiding away the ‘granny pants’ and starting afresh with that drawer of mine totally worked a treat!


Would love to know how you feel about lingerie and body confidence! x

  • I feel like attractive lingerie does boost my confidence 100%, even when nobody else actually gets to see it. Though the lingerie must fit, or else there’s not really any use if all I do is fidget in my own clothing.

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  • I definitely find it hard to find the perfect fit, especially when it comes to bras! Somehow they just aren’t as cute when you’re bigger in the bust area. These are all so, so stunning!

  • The importance of good underwear is way underrated. I love finding something I feel good and comfortable in! I’m obsessed with American Eagle Outfitters’ pants but tend to have a tougher time finding bras that fit perfectly too! Yay for being a super awkward size…

    Thanks for a lovely post 🙂

    Whiskey Jars Blog xx

  • This is such a beautiful post! I completely agree with everything. Confidence starts from the inside out xx

  • Kayleigh Lindstedt

    Absolutely love this! I love underwear, I need to buy some! Victoria’s Secret is my favourite! Your photos are amazing and your blog gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kay xx

  • I think attractive lingerie helps my confidence so much, it makes you feel good even if no one sees it. It has to fit and be comfortable though, lovely post x