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My Winter Morning Routine

February 16th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

My Winter Morning Routine

I’ve always been a morning person ever since I was a little girl. There’s no way I can manage to sleep until late morning or afternoon, even if I’ve been awake for most of the night: to me, not waking up early is missing on the best, most productive part of my day, I’d end up feeling like I actually did nothing the whole day! I really don’t get how people don’t enjoy mornings, with the brightest freshest light of the day and productivity being at its finest!

There are so many things that make morning my favourite part of a day, starting from a precise routine for example – I’m a creature of habits and like my routines. Last year I wrote my about my morning routine and since things have slightly changed ever since (and especially after being inspired by this lovely post by Chevrons & Eclairs), I thought an update was overdue!

So here is what I’m up to on a Winter morning…

My Winter Morning Routine
My Winter Morning Routine
First thing I do
when I wake up

Unfortunately my worst habit is to check my iPhone as first thing in the morning! I usually wake up naturally as I like to leave my curtains open during the night to let the first light of the morning filter in, then check in with emails and social media until I completely feel awake. It’s a bad habit, I know, but I like to use the excuse that this way I know how many things need to be done in my morning and can arrange my schedule based on the emails I have to reply to and things I need to do!

Immediately after getting out of the duvet I throw on a cozy cape or something as my house is always too cold for my liking! Plus there’s nothing nicer than slipping in a cozy dressing gown first thing in the morning!

My Winter Morning Routine
My Winter Morning Routine
My Winter Morning Routine

The next thing I do

While I’m a big lover of tea, I like to have coffee as first thing in the morning. I’m very sensitive to strong coffee though, so I usually jump between decaf & nice organic coffee (did you know IKEA not only does the best homeware but also the nicest organic coffee? It’s my fave!). I also like a good splash of cold non-dairy milk in my coffee in the morning.

My Winter Morning Routine

My Beauty Ritual

My morning beauty routine used to require a good half an hour each time, but today it’s a lot shorter and more basic: with my skin being super sensitive to most beauty products, I decided to just stick to the basics and only go for cleanser and moisturizer these days. Recently I’m loving the Lavera 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask (for cleanser) & the Aveeno Oatmeal Daily Moisturizing Lotion (for moisturizer) combo!

My Winter Morning Routine
My Winter Morning Routine
My Favorite Part
of My Routine

After my beauty routine I get into my leggings and yoga gear and take a good half an hours (or so) for myself and my yoga mat. I’ve been a lover of Adriene’s Yoga Camp lately as I was of her 30 days yoga challenge last year.

Taking my time to switch off, forget about the to-do lists of the day ahead and just focus on myself, my mind and body, always feels such a treat. The warming feeling you’re left with is the best thing to start my working day with, making me feel positive, productive and creative.

Even though getting into the habit has been challenging, taking time for myself before getting started with work has defenitely become my favourite part of my morning routine but also of the whole day.

My Winter Morning Routine

The last thing I do before work

Right after working out I usually fancy some hydrating tea and quick and easy energizing snacks. I love green tea right after yoga, and dates to go with it! This is also usually the time I write down my to-do list for the day ahead and get started with work.


And that’s a wrap! Would love to know what your winter morning routine looks like!
And if you’re one for coffee or tea as first thing in the morning! x

  • I also have the bad habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning. You have such an organized morning routine , its lovely to read about it!
    Love the cute little to do list 🙂 x

  • Thank you for sharing and linking c&é! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your winter routine and it totally inspired me to adapt mine a bit. And gorgeous photos!! xx