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Single or Paired Valentines Guide

February 11th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Single or Paired Valentines Guide

With Valentines Day behind the corner, shops dusting off all the lace lingerie and chocolates, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the love! I actually never used to enjoy Valentines Day but at a certain point in my life (and no, not since I’m not single anymore) I came to realize that besides all the consumerism behind it (which I appreciate anyway!) there’s much more: it’s a recurrency to remind us to love, love ourselves, love someone else, love your family and friends.

Even if you’re single, I think Valentines Day it’s also about you, about self-love and about loving others. Would a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates make you happy anyway? So buy some for your family, friends or even yourself, because why not!

Whether you’re single or paired this Valentines Day I have a little love guide and date ideas if you still haven’t anything planned for the day!

Single or Paired Valentines Guide
Single or Paired Valentines Guide
Single or Paired Valentines Guide

Not sure if it’s only me but with the days being sunny and nice I’m craving ice cream a whole lot. I love ice cream after a very fancy dinner and even though I’m usually the one who likes to bake something as dessert, these vanilla ice cream bowls, topped with melted white chocolate and Strawberry & Cream Lindor* sprinkles are so easy to make (and quick!) but will leave your Valentine impressed!

Simply create a double boiler with two similar size saucepans, one with two fingers of water that you’ll leave to boil and the other with your cubed white chocolate that will slowly melt down. Scoop your vanilla ice cream and place it in a bowl, top with melted white chocolate and chopped Lindors and serve with two spoons (or one if you like to share ;)!) as dessert. Best if paired with fresh juicy strawberries!

Single or Paired Valentines Guide

Don’t know about you but to me there’s no fancy restaurants, cinema dates or romantic sunset walks that could beat the warm hug of a home, the smell of a delicious fancy dinner prepared together and curling up on the sofa sharing chocolates or popcorn while watching a nice movie kind-of-date!

On Valentine’s Day we usually like to cook and bake together, treat ourselves to a nice croissant for breakfast, eat a lot of chocolate and just stay cosy! We also shared a couple of slightly different date ideas last year over here if you fancy some inspiration!


Single or Paired Valentines Guide
Single or Paired Valentines Guide
Single or Paired Valentines Guide

When I was single Valentine’s Day was the day of self-love to me! Happening on a Sunday this year, it’s just the perfect day for treating yourself and having a proper relaxing me-time – chocolates or treats, face masks, baths and flowers all included.

If you have nobody to buy fresh flowers for you, just buy them yourself! – and it’s valid if you’re paired too (boys usually don’t believe in flowers…!). Treat yourself to your favourite bunch: it will make you feel spoilt for the day and, if you treat them very well, they will last a lot longer and spice up your room with their freshness and pop of colour!

And while you’re at it, buy some chocolates or macarons, or both, for yourself… because you deserve it!

Single or Paired Valentines Guide

The best solo V-Day date idea? Pop into Lush and buy yourself the prettiest bath bomb you can spot: Lover Lamp*, with its vanilla scent and cocoa butter to spoil your skin will fill your bath with the most adorable little butter red hearts – but also Rose Bombshell* would be a perfect pick if you like floral scents! Put on your favourite music and a nice moisturizing face mask (my favourite? The Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Mask!) and enjoy your treats and Lindor Milk Truffles* all for yourself!


What have you in plan for Valentines Day this year?! x

* Thanks to Lindt & Lush for being my sweetest Valentines this year!

  • Your pictures are always so beautiful!! I am not so much a fan of Valentine’s day, but the way you describe it as a day you’re reminded to love yourself, I like that idea. Going to keep that in mind when I see some more heart decorations in the shop windows! 🙂

  • Loved this post and your pictures are so gorgeous! You really cannot go wrong with some Lush in your life in my opinion. I am now craving some Lindt chocolate haha :’) x

    Darling Jordan

  • I love how this post is so inspirational and will inspire anyone on pampering themselves on this day. Like you say, I think that V-Day is just a day they created to remind us to celebrate love – either that is self-love or love to that someone special.
    Lovely post! xx
    And of course I loved your photography. It is just breathtaking .

  • Your photos are so gorgeous! I love the idea of spoiling yourself on Valentine’s Day 🙂

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours
    via the #fblchat

  • I totally agree that no restaurant or cinema date could beat a delightful home date on this Valentine’s Day. Macarons should be eaten & celebrated year round. :]

    // ▲ ▲