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Spring Wishlist

February 20th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Spring Wishlist 2016

I don’t know about you but the sunny weather of the last few days is making me think about Springtime a little bit too often. This softly warm sun heat is actually making me crave proper Spring even more! You’ll know I’m always very excited about the change of season, but this time it’s more than that! It must be that Spring is my very favourite season (I say it for every season, isn’t it? But Spring is my *very* favourite!) or that I’m spotting tulips a bit everywhere (from the shops to my Instagram & Pinterest feeds), but I’m finding myself wanting colours and springtime activities in my life even more than usual: nursery visits on a weekend, immersing my hands in soil and start growing my own little mint and basil plants, trying my hands at new DIY and fresher recipes, go for nice reinvigorating walks… and yes, even spring cleaning (can you even believe?).

A part from those I’m also lusting over a few too many spring related clothes and books and stationery and candles. I’ve been rearranging and cleaning my wardrobe lately and, probably due to this book, I’ve discarded 2/3 of what used to be my too messy wardrobe in one afternoon: it felt liberating and lovely! Apparently most of my wardrobe was made of unworn neglected items I don’t need anymore (who knew!) and what’s more exciting is that now I know what it’s really missing between my clothes and what I should purchase next! Plus now that my wardrobe is all nice and neat I feel like I really need some gold hangers in my life – together with a new vanilla scented candle, please!

. L I N K S .
01. H&M A-Line Blue Denim Skirt ;
02. Pieces Kolleen Point Lace Wrap Flat Shoes ;
03. ASOS Lily Pad Nude Ballet Flats ;
04. Hello Nature Activity Book ;
05. West Elm Atelier Stella Bowls ;
06. Anthropologie Idiom Pencil Pouch ;
07. Zara Home Set of Gold-Toned Hangers ;
08. Season Paper Jardin Notebook ;
09. Paddywax Vanilla + Oakmoss Mini Jar Candle .


What’s on your Spring wishlist this year? x