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Take Five With: Dunedin Tea

February 3rd  •  Posted in Food

Take Five With: Dunedin Tea

Over the past couple of weeks or so I’ve sampling some great tea the lovely people over at Dunedin Tea sent over. I must tell between the huge selection of tea flavours and types on my ‘tea shelf’ you can rarely spot some loose tea, so it was pretty lovely to try out a few picks and something different from the usual.

Edinburgh based The Dunedin Tea Company, born with the aim of providing high quality loose leaf teas without the designer price tag, offers in fact the biggest selection of different and interesting loose tea blends. I couldn’t resist in front of some flavoured green tea (you’ll know it’s my favourite!), and a couple of fruit and herbal picks! I must say loose tea makes the whole tea ritual even more enjoyable to me, and there’s something so unique and different about them, that I kind of got hooked and started thinking I need to test out as many flavours as I can…

Take Five With: Dunedin Tea
Blue Eyes

While this tea is suggested for a mid-afternoon or post-dinner break, I actually came to enjoy it a whole lot in the early hours of the morning or just as part of my mid-morning post yoga routine.

A blend of rosehip, apple, orange pieces, hibiscus and cornflower petals, it reminds me of something I used to drink when I was younger. It’s the perfect pick me up after a workout routine but also as first thing in the morning, it’s warm, fruity, floreal.

I can totally see me preparing a huge lot of it and keeping it in the fridge in summertime for a refreshing afternoon treat, but I do love it in wintertime to warm up my spirit and body!

Sencha Cherry Rose

This is my favourite pick out of the three! Chinese green tea and sparkles of rose petals, with a hint of cherry flavouring, totally make for the perfect blend of flavours.

This tea is meant to remind the Japanese Sakura blossoming, and even though I’ve not been lucky to be in Japan just yet, I can fully imagine the atmosphere and kind of taste the smell of a city filled in cherry blossoms while drinking it.

To me this is the perfect mid-afternoon tea pick. I like to take a break from busy working hours and just enjoy some purifying green tea in the middle of the afternoon. The rose and cherry flavours make it a very special treat, great to be paired with freshly baked oven goodies.

Take Five With: Dunedin Tea
Take Five With: Dunedin Tea

I’ve always been curious about lavender tea being such a lavender fan and jumped at the chance to test it out. Lavender flower is known to be a great natural remedy for insomnia and better rest because the scent relaxes your muscles and that in turn helps slow your heartbeat: this is a great nighttime infusion of lovely smelling lavender straight from Provence.

This isn’t extremely sweet by its own, so I like to add one (or two!) heaping teaspoons of chestnut honey, that compliments the floreal herbal flavour of the tea so nicely and add that little bit of sweetness I like on my tea break.


If you’re a tea lover, you should totally check Dunedin Tea out!
Any other fans of loose leaf tea? x

Take Five With: Dunedin Tea
  • Stephanie Hartley

    All of these sound amazing – i really want to try out lavender tea too, I love the smell of it and imagine it would be a tea that would completely zen you out

    Steph –

  • Jennifer

    Mmm I love loose tea, and getting unusual blends! I’m pretty keen to try lavender too, and chestnut honey sounds like a winner! I’m hooked on ginseng with honey atm, since mum went to Korea, yum!