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How to Become a Morning Person

March 14th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

How To Become a Morning Person

You might know by now I’ve always been a morning person since I was a little girl. I’ve always enjoyed waking up early to get to appreciate the morning light at its fullest and I’ve always thought mornings are when my creativity hits its highest points. I love everything about early mornings, I enjoy waking up those 10 minutes earlier just to give myself enough time to have a proper getting-ready routine, or prepare breakfast from scratch, or do some yoga or stretching to start the day.

I know most of the people don’t really feel the same about early mornings: some say you really start appreciating them once you get older, but truth is I know people who never really get to like them, while I also know for a fact that people who do like them usually feel like that since forever. However, especially for someone who works from home or office, sometimes it’s essential to wake up early in the day – but becoming a morning person shouldn’t be a sacrifice!

I want to share a few tips and tricks that could help anyone struggling with getting out of bed in the morning, and a few reasons to come to enjoy the early hours of a day a little bit more!

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by Giada Correale at Mode

How To Become a Morning Person
How To Become a Morning Person

I love mornings but something I have always hated is my alarm: I like to wake up naturally or I will feel stressed about the day ahead and frustrated later on, that’s for sure! One thing I love is to keep my curtains open during the night in those periods of the year when the sun rises around the same hour as I should wake up, so that the first morning light will gradually and naturally wake me up and I can start my day with a good mood. It totally makes sense if you think our body is prone to be awake when it’s light outside, whereas it usually induces us to sleep when it’s dark instead!

That works for me since I work from home and if I wake up 15 minutes later than usual it’s not a big deal, but if you’re not someone who wouldn’t naturally wake up if the quality of light in the room changes, alarms are still essential. Try something like the Sleep Cycle App: it detects your sleeping pattern (through a microphone, so no harmful electromagnetic waves thrown at you while you sleep, plus you can set you phone to Flight Mode and still use it) and wakes you up with an alarm when your sleep is lighter around the hour you decide you want to wake up, so that getting out of the covers won’t be as traumatic as usual.

The same way it’s important to have a consistent nighttime routine before bedtime in order to have a good night sleep, it’s essential to have a getting-ready routine in the morning: your body and mind will start to recognize the steps you repeat everyday and will automatically set you in a better mood, ready to start your day. Try a simple skincare routine to start, maybe just a cleanser and lip balm – it will make all the difference!

How To Become a Morning Person

Breakfast can be something you find yourself to unconsciously put off until you step out of the door, especially if you are not used to organize your time and priorities in the morning or to get up those 10 minutes earlier. But it’s still very important and something that can help a lot with waking you up properly. Eat something as first thing as you get out of bed and you’ll feel more productive and everything will come more naturally and stress-free.

I personally love to take my time to prepare breakfast from scratch as it has always been my favourite meal in a day, however I can see how people is prone to skip it just because they don’t find time for it. Just remember things like a smoothie or porridge will take only 5 minutes of your time to be prepared! You surely can find time for them!

How To Become a Morning Person

Avoid Caffeine

This is something I really don’t like to suggest because I love my coffee in the morning, however I’m still trying to go for a healthier alternative or decaf these days. Apparently coffee in the morning isn’t ideal because caffeine tends to increase the production of cortisol in our bodies, that is higher around the hours we usually drink coffee in the morning. Cortisol is considered a stress-related hormone, so instead of properly making you feel better about mornings, coffee as first thing in the day can lead to stress.

Try decaf tea instead if you like it, as hot water in the first hours of the morning is also great to increase metabolism. Or, if you’re nostalgic about summertime in colder months, you could try a “Sunshine In A Bottle” lemon smoothie, packed with healthy ingredients that will make you feel excited about your breakfast!


And these are just a few! Make sure to check out my article on Mode for even more tips on the subject!
Let me know: are you a morning person too? Or do you have any tips you have used to start enjoying them more? x

  • I am the worst morning person! I need to take on these tips x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • I’m trying to become a morning person this spring, so this post is bang on time, and much needed! x

    Martha Jane |

  • I have never been a morning person but I have been changing that and it actually feels so good as you get to enjoy the day at is fullest! These tips were also very helpful so thank you Giada! 🙂 xx

  • Whilst I like waking up early, I never do anything. I’ll take these tips on

  • It depends when I’m a morning person, for the most part (when i wake up early) I can function pretty well and can get up and out if need be but lately I’ve been enjoying lying in until 12pm so I’m going to try taking these tips on and see if these help x