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Let’s Catch Up!

March 6th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


It has been a very long while since the last time I sat here typing down a little life update for this blog! Or that I asked you what you’ve been up to lately. Apparently I’m not good with consistency when it comes to monthly blog series, so this year I decided I won’t keep trying with no results and instead try to catch up with you every once in a while! I’ll go first!

Basically I feel like my life is my work and my work is my life lately. I’m spending so much time, energies, passion and love in my web design business that I’m impressed I can still manage to switch off when my scheduled working hours finish, as it just feel like I’m actually never really resting. I’m not complaining though, I really love my work and I’m so excited it’s become a reality and it’s going down pretty well! I am illustrating all the time, creating awesome logos, phone cases, ideas, blog designs, and having the chance of meeting inspiring people, creatives, bloggers and freelancers. That’s the very best part! Plus if you’re a freelancer you’ll understand the lovely feeling of being booked up months in advance, especially when you’re at the very beginning of your career!

On the life front things have been very nice lately, 2016 is being such a good one to me until now, with so many good news and seeing our life goals finally closer to us! I really wish it keeps going in this direction! I don’t really want to give anything away just yet as everything still feels so fragile and as if it would break in any minute, but I’m really at peace with life lately and it didn’t happen in a long while (and no, I’m not pregnant just yet 😉 )!

A few posts I’ve enjoyed lately: Sarah’s roundup of pretty Cafes for Writing in Bath, Rosie’s Cheese Scones Recipe, Jillian’s Pregnancy Announcement!


What’s new with you lately? Let’s catch up in the comments! x

  • Its great that things with your web design business is going well! 🙂 You have amazing talent xx

    • Thank you Lisa! It’s so nice of you to say x

  • Ah your own web design business .. no wonder as to why I’m lusting over your website design — too cute!!!

    Ree / Coffee with Ree

    • Ahh thank you!! So nice of you to say xx

  • TrueDerek