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Mother’s Day Different Gift Ideas

March 2nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Mother's Day Different Gift Ideas

Here in Italy Mother’s Day is still two months away, however I like the fact UK Mother’s Day is this week as I can already have a look around at gifts and put some ideas together two months in advance – which is always good as I’m one that hates last-minute shopping! However, if you happen to live in the UK and be a little late with your Mother’s Day gifts, I’ve a couple of unique and different gift ideas all mums will love!

01. Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit
I was recently introduced to Mon Dessert‘s macaron kits and I’m absolutely in love with the idea: their kits come with all the necessary tools to create the good old fashionable french treat we girls love, including all-organic ingredients, fancy toppings, a recipe books and in-depth instructions to make the whole thing easy and fun! This would make the perfect excuse to involve your mum in the macaron trend if she doesn’t love them already, or just to have an afternoon of baking together and enjoying each others company!

02. Carabella Gifts Mother’s Day Hamper
The very best gifts to me are sets of hand-picked items arranged in a cute little box. Better if made by the one behind the gift, but if you don’t have a lot of time to put together your Mother’s Day gift this year, Carabella Gifts has some amazing boxes jam-packed with luxury gifts to treat your mum to a lovely combination of teas, treats, pampering beauty products & more!

03. Lifebox Food Womens Health Box
If your mum is on a health + fitness journey recently, she would love a food box that supports her health goals. This Lifebox Food box contains all sorts of healthy food to sample, test and try, including healthy ingredients, treats, snacks and super foods!

04. Tart London Picnic Date
Not sure about the weather for the weekend, but wouldn’t it be lovely to go for a park picnic date with your mum for the occasion? Tart can take care of the whole thing, providing you with a very Instagram-friendly picnic basket, blankets and beautiful tarts, salads and desserts. And if the weather is not picnic friendly on the date, you can always book your picnic in advance for when it will be nicer and promise of spending some quality time together with your mum later!


Have you already got your weekend plans + Mother’s Day gifts sorted? x

  • Eleanor Pritchard

    I got my mum some flowers and a nice box of chocolates! I love the sound of the macarons though xx

  • You’re lucky you still have two months to plan ideas! I got my mum a pretty wall planner, though I wish there was more time so I could have thought of some more cute presents as well. Have a lovely mother’s day x

    Lisa |

  • Nicole

    I bought my mum a load of plants! She wanted lots of flowers and plants for her newly decorated living room! I practically bought out a florist. & then I treated her to a book she’s been after. All my friends have bought their mums Pandora bracelets & are making fun of me 🙁 But if it’s what my mum wants & it makes her happy what can ya do? xx