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Office-Ready Comfy Outfit

March 10th  •  Posted in Style

Working from Home Comfy Outfit

I’ve been wanting to do more style posts recently, but truth is I’ve been living in comfy outfits all the time, being busy working all day every day. I work from home and sometimes the temptation of working from your bed in your PJs is very high and compelling I’ll admit, but I’m telling you something: you are going to regret the decision as soon as you have someone (maybe the postman?) waiting for you at the door and you look everything besides decent!

Especially when having your bed and your workspace one metre close, it’s easy to forget where work ends and a YouTube marathon begins. I find getting out of bed in the morning and having a proper getting-ready routine even if you are not going anywhere, totally helps with telling your body and mind to wake up and get ready to be productive. Whilst with PJs, they are so very tempting indeed but will most likely lead to procrastination – my worst enemy!

Working from Home Comfy Outfit
Working from Home Comfy Outfit
Working from Home Comfy Outfit
Working from Home Comfy Outfit
Working from Home Comfy Outfit

With my working-from-home outfits I don’t really want to cut comfort out of the game at all, so all my picks really look similar to a combination of comfy soft jeans or nice leggings, a cute but comfortable top and a cozy warming long carding to top it off.

I’ve just recently picked up a couple of these Forever21 Textured Open-Front Cardigans after realizing I didn’t have any long cardigans at all after my wardrobe spring cleaning… and I’m in love! Not only for office/work purposes: they’re very soft and flattering and look great to top off any outfit and stay warm at the same time.

As for jeans, I’m a fan of the softest denim only but it’s not easy for me to find anything especially flattering and comfortable at the same time; I’ve already picked up a new pair of the H&M Superstretch trousers after wearing my old one until they broke: they aren’t really long lasting, but I’m OK with picking up a new pair every 6 months or so just because they look very good with my body figure and are the most comfortable thing ever as well!

I don’t really wear makeup when I’m at home just because I like to feel my skin breathing as much as I can, and to be honest there’s nothing worst to me than spending hours in front of my laptop with mascara on! But my Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom is always next to me on my desk as it’s great for hydration throughout the day but also add a touch of color to my otherwise very pale complexion!

Combine them all and you’ll get my daily office/work uniform!


Would love to know what you like to wear at your office/workspace! x

  • I love cozy simple outfits, so this is perfect! I absolutely adore that cardigan <3

    Xx Eline |

  • I used to wear PJ’s all the time when blogging but since I noticed that I wasn’t as productive, I started changing clothes but still keep myself comfortable. It just takes your mind out of that “lazy sunday” feeling. I just dont bother on putting makeup – I wash my face , apply moisturizer and I feel like another woman and ready to work!

  • This is such a cute outfit, I love the lace detailing on the top! This is definitely an outfit I want to put together for my job!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  • I pretty much live in jumpers and jeans (and cosy socks!) at the minute too so I totally feel you! Love your cardigan chick x

  • Author_Drake_OKeef