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My all time favourite apps

April 17th  •  Posted in Tech

My all time favourite apps

Not long ago I’ve shared my favourite phone apps to boost creativity especially if you’re a creative or business owner of all sorts, and since some of you seemed to find it helpful, I thought I’d share my all time lifestyle favourite apps as well today! This will include anything from photography, maps and even the very best period app… so if you’re after some new gems to pop on your phone screen, make sure you check these out!

My all time favourite apps

01. Wild Weather
I’m all about cute and beautifully designed apps, so if you’re wondering why the hell should anyone pay for a weather app, well, look how cute this is! I love the design and checking the weather is becoming a very pleasing habit thanks to this app: it simulates rain (which is the most relaxing thing to watch) and have even different illustrations for the same weather situation if you check different places! The cutest.

02. Love Cycles
If you’re a girl I bet you have spent hours of your life downloading and testing different period apps (and even purchasing more than one) just because you couldn’t really find the perfect one! This was me until the beginning of the year when I discovered Love Cycles: this app is super cute (again) with lovely illustrations (again) and the possibility to apply the nicest background patterns (and again), but it’s also super functional and informative with new notes and suggestions each day. It really ticks all the boxes, totally worth checking out!

03. Waze
I don’t really know about you but whether I’m in the car or on my own feet, I’m always lost. Or at least I feel lost. In a big city, I’ll admit I’ll always have my maps app telling me what to do and where to go – as well as a pre-written list of places to visit. Because I’m this boring. Waze is my favourite maps app so far, cute, simple and super practical!

04. Manual
I’m not very good with iPhone photography and I’ll admit I’m never happy (and never will) with my Instagram account aesthetic, but sometimes your phone is the only camera you have with you so I thought it was worth checking some manual photography apps. The Manual app is great, super simple to use and very intuitive and totally makes all the difference with taking photos with my phone, allowing me to adjust exposure, contrast and more!

05. Airmail
Mail apps: my boyfriend’s strongest obsession. He has tested many and many more and suggested I downloaded Airmail – you know, he’s the expert. I love the aesthetic as well as how fast it syncs and updates each time. With apps I’m all about intuitive minimal interfaces, and Airmail is perfect for keeping my many inboxes organized with different colors and icons!


Would love to know if any of these are your favourite apps as well, or what your all-time-faves are! x

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