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Sleep Inducing

April 26th  •  Posted in Health

Sleep Inducing

I have written about what I like to keep on my bedside table and my bedtime rituals not long ago, but since then, and since I’ve been having some difficulties falling asleep at night lately, things have changed a tiny bit in my routine. I’ve added some new products that seem to work wonders at inducing sleep and since then I’ve been performing a very strict routine right before bedtime.

I’ve said goodbye to late night work, even if it means I have to catch up on it the day after (which is not that tragic after all) and, although I’m still not able to drastically eliminate the social media browsing right before bed, I surely have forced myself to reduce the time I spend on my phone or watching TV right before falling asleep. I have found writing down a to-do list for the day after is a good thing to do in the evening, so I don’t have to worry about keeping my mind busy to remember all the things that have to be done when I go to sleep, in fact I’ll have them all at my desk ready to be ticked off the day after.

Other than that, here are a few products I’ve been loving recently – all of them very “sleep inducing”, so hopefully they might help anyone else suffering with insomnia too!

Sleep Inducing

I’ve never really given the pillow mist thing a go myself. I’ve heard wonders about it but I’ve never been one who finds extremely difficult to fall asleep, so I never felt the urgent need of investing into one until recently. It’s probably because I have so many things going on in my mind and I always feel like I have so much stuff to do in so little time, that I can’t properly relax whenever I pop into bed.

I’ve picked up the L’occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist and don’t really know if it’s only a psychological thing, but spraying it in the room and on my bed linen at night instantaneously put me in a more relaxed, chilled out mood. The scent, with lavender, bergamot, mandarin, orange and geranium, is nice and subtle but definitely calming and soothing. They also have tiny Perfumed Sachets with the same scent you can put on your bedside table!

Ever since I bought and tried the Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Mask for the first time, I was sure it was one that’d have been pretty special in the evening with that lovely lavender scent. I wasn’t wrong! I’ve been loving to apply it a couple of times per week in the evening: it’s a nice and quick treatment (it only requires 5 to 10 minutes) but it’s a refreshing a calming ritual. My skin always feels extra soft right after, and the French lavender essential oil makes it appropriate for a nighttime application!

It’s no surprise I’m all about my nighttime tea, however, thanks to the lovely people at Teagime, I’ve only recently discovered Red Clover is extremely useful against sleeping disorders. I’ve been drinking a blend of Vanilla, Red Clover, Honeybush and Milk Thistle at night that it’s working wonders (more on it soon!), but I’m also very curious to try out this Pukka Night Time Herbal Tea in the future!


What are your tips & favourite products to help you fall asleep easily? x


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