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Tips & tricks to beat allergy season

April 9th  •  Posted in Health

Tips and Tricks for Beating Allergy Season

Springtime is officially with us and there’s really nothing that could make me happier, if not enjoying Spring season allergy-free. I’m being quite lucky this year with my allergy being very light until now, but I know how traumatic allergy season can be. I’ve been living with pollen allergy for years, with runny nose and itchy eyes as soon as the first blossoms start to bloom, and during the years I’ve gathered up a few tips and tricks that usually make my life easier this time of the year!

With allergy, you either try to fight it or to survive, but with the years you’ll come to realize there’s really nothing you can do about it if not trying to treat yourself better: some basic lifestyle and food changes can work wonders at bringing temporary relief! But you still need to wait for the season to be over to get completely rid of it…

In the meanwhile, here are my tips: I hope they can help you out if you’re struggling with unflattering puffy eyes and annoyingly sneezing every two seconds!

Tips and Tricks for Beating Allergy Season
The Food You Eat

Eating food that supports your health should be a priority and not only during allergy season. But if you’re struggling with Spring allergy, there are some foods you should really think about implementing in your diet and add to your shopping list: all Vitamin C and folic acid packed foods like broccoli, citrus fruits, elderberries and all the immune-strengthening veggies are worth being considered.

Also foods containing Quercetin, a natural antihistamine, will work wonders: green apples, kale and blueberries can be mixed into a lovely green smoothie (maybe with the addition of some ripe avocado and banana for a creamy result) to fight seasonal allergies and, since you’re eating them raw, get their full impact at once!


Consume Raw
Local Honey

If you’re lucky to be able to buy raw local honey around the corner, you should consider doing it right now! Even if they say there’s no proven science behind the hype of local honey being able to adapt your body to your area’s pollen preventing allergies, a lot of people keep swearing by it!

Raw honey still has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it won’t hurt giving it a try!

Honey it’s also known to help to adapt to all kind of atmospheric environments and also to treat dust allergies if consumed on a daily basis.

Tips and Tricks for Beating Allergy Season


Tips and Tricks for Beating Allergy Season
Small Lifestyle Changes

Some simple lifestyle changes will make your life so much easier! For example always remember to wash your hands before touching your face or eyes area for any reasons: although water is much better in this case, if you’re out and about, a hand-sanitizer can be handy.

Create a pollen-free area in your house and in general try to keep pollen outside to reduce your allergy symptoms at least when you’re inside. Always remove the clothes you went out with before stepping into your bedroom especially: you don’t really want to sleep with pollen around you! Keep your doors and windows closed as much as you can as well.

Also don’t forget to take a shower each evening before going to bed: you want to make sure you don’t have traces of pollen on your skin and hair before jumping into bed!


Tips and Tricks for Beating Allergy Season

Make sure you check out my “Tips & Tricks to Beat Allergy Season
article I wrote for Mode for even more tips!


Do you struggle with Spring allergy too? Any tips to share with me?! x

  • Stephanie Hartley

    Having raw honey and lemon water in the morning makes such a difference to my allergies! I hate having to take pills for my allergies and they often don’t work. However, my boyfriend’s mum is a homeopath and the allergy medication she gives me for them actually works and I know it won’t have any side effects, which is fab!

    Steph –

  • I knew about the honey, but I had no idea about the other foods! I suffer quite badly so I’ll definitely give that a try! x

    Martha Jane |

  • I am so happy I dont suffer from any of those allergies! But my brother does so I will share this with him! x