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Try These :: Spring Weekend

April 23rd  •  Posted in Craft

Try These: Spring Weekend

I can not express my love for Spring weekends at words! There’s nothing more lovely to finally have a sunny weekend day all for yourself after spending the whole week looking forward to it, and enjoying the hours of beautiful light outside doing things that involve nature, soil, fresh flowers, tidying, and all those things that make Spring a refreshing and renewing season!

I don’t really think there’s anyone who doesn’t love Spring as a season anyway, but if you happen to lack on Spring weekend activities ideas for any reasons, I have a nice little list for you to try and get creative outside & inside!

Try These: Spring Weekend
Try These: Spring Weekend

Grow your own kitchen garden

There’s nothing more lovely than bringing into the kitchen herbs and veggies you grew yourself! And you don’t even need a huge garden to grow something from scratch: even a small balcony would do the trick, and if you don’t have one, you can still grow your kitchen herbs inside into small vases!

Basil, mint and parsley are my favourites to sow and look after since I know I will give them a whole lot of love when cooking and baking as well!

Hand-lettering for the garden

One thing I love is categorize and add labels on everything, but something I love even more is hand-lettering my labels! There’s nothing nicer than hand-lettered plants labels in my opinion! Give them a try: it’s fun and will make your garden cuter!

Press flowers

I remember being a little girl and hand-picking my favourite flowers from the garden, only to go inside and keep them safe pressed between the pages of diaries and books. There’s something beautiful into pressed flowers, and it’s something I bet will most likely remind you of your own childhood, and your moms explaining how to preserve flowers like precious memories. But besides taking a trip down memory lane, you can do a lot of things with pressed flowers, like your own custom prints to hang into beautiful frames on your wall, or phone cases or patterns for any purposes really!

Tidy & change things

If you’re after that classic Spring refreshing and renewal feeling but going outside it’s not in your plan, try tidying your house, or moving your furniture around or changing things up! I know, it sounds a boring Sunday plan, but with the time I’ve come to enjoy a bit of spring cleaning: nothing can beat the refreshed feeling you’ll be left with right afterward, and you’ll be ready to start the new week with a whole lot of positive energies!

What are your Spring weekends looking like so far?! x

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  • My spring weekends are looking pretty boring although there is always a beautiful sunny day out there. But it is only because I am doing night shifts! Anyways, I am looking forward to enjoy these beautiful days walking around the park or sea front.