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A Teagime Update

May 21st  •  Posted in Health

A Teagime Teatox Update

A couple of months ago I talked about my very first experience with Teagime and teatox programmes just in general, and since then I’ve actually been drinking my blends quite religiously everyday (although I must admit, as the weather is getting warmer, I sometimes forget about my nighttime cup) and have also received my new box with three new blends I can’t wait to talk about!

So far my experience with Teagime has been “all wine and roses” for real! I have enjoyed my very first box blends a lot, but since taking a new questionnaire where I got the chance to update my main goals from my teatox programme and receiving my three new targeted tea blends, I’m even more in love with the brand!

This time my blends are even better than the first one – so much that there has not been one single time that I wished my morning, afternoon or nighttime tea tasted differently nor one single time I got bored of them!

A Teagime Teatox Update
A Teagime Teatox Update
A Teagime Teatox Update
A Teagime Teatox Update

My morning tea has been my breakfast of choice literally everyday with the only exception of Saturdays when I usually can’t say no to fresh croissants and a cappuccino. It contains Blueberries to boost my body with energies, Nettle to fight nasty Spring allergies and Lemon Balm (my favourite in teas!) to stimulate memory and fight stress. Basically everything I need as first thing in the morning to start the day full of energies and stress-free. I must say I’m a lover of coffee in the morning, but I haven’t really missed it while I was drinking my morning blend each day of the week – which is a huge thing! I’m basically left with only a couple of teaspoons of this one and I’m sad to say goodbye!

My afternoon tea targets carbs and sugar cravings and improves circulation and restores calm and focus with Eleuthero Root, Pouchong Tea and Hibiscus (which make this blend taste incredibly nice and floral! And that’s probably why it’s my favourite between the three!). It helps with supporting concentration which is something I definitely need during my afternoon break with two or three more hours of work ahead of me.

A Teagime Teatox Update
A Teagime Teatox Update

And lastly my nighttime blend contains Vanilla, Milk Thistle, Honeybush and Red Clover and focuses on purifying the system to get me ready for the morning ahead. I asked for something that helped clearing up my skin overnight and apparently Red Clover should help with that and also with reducing stress and sleep disorders – something I totally struggled with last month!

As a lover of tea, the all natural kind especially, it’s always a total pleasure to have a moment for myself with a Teagime blend. But what I like the most about their programme is how gentle, nice and natural their hand-picked blends always taste: you never have the feeling what you’re drinking is going to give you drastic results or changes in your body, yet you know your blends are supporting your health, lifestyle and goals in such a delicate natural way!


I can’t *not* suggest their teatox ever enough really! If you’d be interested into trying an all natural teatox programme built especially for you and your goals and needs, I know you’d love Teagime as much as I do!

Have you ever give a teatox programme a try? x

* My Teagime boxes were sent as a gift to review but all the opinions & love for the brand are my very own as usual!

  • I love Teagime! I reviewed some products a month or so back but still doing the programme as I love the fact it’s all natural and just pure leafs/berries! I recently got one mixed with dried raspberries and strawberries and it was one of my favourite blends for sure! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  • Stephanie Hartley

    Oooh I love the sound of the afternoon tea! I always hit that 3pm slump and I genuinely struggle to stay awake throughout an entire day because of it

    Steph –