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Natural Haircare For Oily Hair

June 27th  •  Posted in Beauty

Natural Haircare For Oily Hair

It has been a couple of years now, since when I decided to cut parabens out of my haircare routine completely. I couldn’t have been happier with the results I’ve been seeing on my hair ever since and now I can barely remember the feeling of sad, flat, dehydrated hair. Yet it hasn’t been all peaches and cream: having oily hair and specific issues like sensitive scalp, not all the product were the right fit and there have been days when I tried a new shampoo every week without finding anything that worked close to what I hoped!

… And natural organic shampoos and hair products in general are damn expensive! And not very easy to get your hands on as well. But, with a couple years of experience and an infinite amount of testing and trying, I have something that works perfectly for my oily hair and sensitive scalp now. Not all of them are 100% natural or organic, but I like to think I’ve found a good compromise; and if one thing is for sure is that I don’t see things changing anytime soon!

Hopefully these will work great on any other oily hair girl out there who is on a desperate mission to avoid parabens and go natural with their haircare!

Natural Haircare For Oily Hair
Natural Haircare For Oily Hair
Natural Haircare For Oily Hair
Natural Haircare For Oily Hair

It all started with spotting and deciding to try the Garnier Ultimate Blends Lavender Shampoo: I already knew the Ultimate Blends line is paraben free but haven’t really found a shampoo especially great on oily hair just yet. But if there’s a thing that works for my hair is lavender – not really sure how and why but it works! This shampoo is my day-to-day pick, it leaves me with perfectly clean and lightweight hair every single time. And that is all I want from a shampoo, I want to feel my hair clean without the need of going for something too dehydrating (especially for my ends) and something that would allow me to wash my hair every two day (which is already a miracle!). Plus this smells like a lavender field and it’s like heaven!

Being such a fan of the Garnier lavender shampoo, as soon as I heard about their new line being launched, I knew I had to give it a go! The Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother Shampoo is not specifically thought for oily hair but is a shampoo that can be easily alternated between washes with something more intense like my lavender pick. It always leaves my hair extremely soft and nourished without making them feel oily or greasy by any means. The smell of this one is sublime as well, sweet and delicate just how I like, plus this shampoo is thought for delicate scalp and fragile hair, and my sensitive scalp is getting on quite well with it!

A recent discovery of mine is the The Seaweed Bath Co. Volumizing Lavender Shampoo. Lavender, once again! This is slightly more expensive and I tend to use it a little bit more rarely than the others, but this is 100% natural and organic and it’s definitely one of the best I tried so far. It’s especially great if your hair is usually quite flat because it alone can provide some nice volume, plus it’s a great option for scalps on the oily side.

Last but not at least, not in pictures but definitely one of my favourites, Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar is one I would suggest to anyone suffering with oily sensitive scalp! It features lavender (I know!) and rosemary, together with lemon and lime, and this really is deeply cleansing and 100% organic! It keeps grease at bay like any others and apparently it’s especially good to enhance blond hair as well! But even being brunette, this shampoo bar will always be my top pick!


Anyone else with oily hair and wanting to go natural with their hair products? x

  • I’m in the same boat as you – my hair is super oily, but I have to try to be quite careful with my haircare, especially as SLS makes my eczema flare up. I’ll definitely be looking into The Seaweed Bath Co, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  • Thanks for these suggestions! I’ve tried to go paraben free several times but because I have such an oily scalp I always found it difficult. I’m going to give that Lavender shampoo a try, great post! XO -Kim