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In July I’ve Loved…

July 30th  •  Posted in Favourites

In July I've Loved...

In July I've Loved...

This month we’ve started experiencing Summer the real way, which made me in the mood for a holiday and nothing more really, but between planning out our well-deserved few days away in August and working non-stop to avoid the whole overwhelming pack of work stuff to get through when we’ll be back, here are a few things I’ve loved in July…

In July I've Loved...
In July I've Loved...

L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish in You’Re Worth It

Yes, I’m back on the nail polishes train! Although I still need to find the perfect sandals for the season, there’s nothing I love more in summertime than nail polish on my toes. I love myself a good coral and that’s usually my first choice (remember?), but for some reasons I’ve been obsessed with grey-ish, lilac-y blues recently and this L’Oreal gem is just the most perfect nail polish ever!

Not only the shade is pretty much everything I was looking for in a nail polish recently (it’s blue, but sometimes looks grey and surely has some lilac in the mixture), but also the formula is spot-on. This L’Oreal Color Riche line has always left me impressed about its lasting power and it’s not letting me down even this time!

In July I've Loved...

Ambre Solaire Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion – Garnier

I’ve talked about this recently, but I couldn’t really do this favourites post without mentioning my fave Garnier Self Tanner. This one is a gradual tanner, so great to build up a nice natural colour even if you’re starting from the palest of skins (something like my skin). It never fails to leave me looking glowy and naturally tanned without being super intense or orange-y. Although it’s meant to smell a bit better than your average self tanner, I still think the biscuit-y scent is very strong for my liking, but I like the results that much that I can tolerate it!

In July I've Loved...
In July I've Loved...

Pretty Frill Beach Shorts – ASOS

The best thing about having a holiday is the whole swimwear shopping spree that usually comes right after the booking stage. This year I may or may not have already added a couple more bikinis to my collection, but the piece I’ve fallen in love with already are surely these ASOS Frill Beach Shorts! I’ll be honest, I was stalking these for weeks even before knowing we were going to be on a beach anytime soon! They are very sheer, so probably only appropriate on a bikini or swimsuit, but they’re so flattering and well made in the softest fabric ever – I believe I’ve just discover a Summer holiday gems for years to come!

In July I've Loved...

Yoga Practice for Weight Loss – Madeleine Shaw ; VITL Greens ℅ VITL

I’m usually not one who is anywhere close to be curious about supplements, I don’t want anything artificial in my body at all and prefer to source nutrients into my food instead, but I had already worked with VITL a couple of times on some recipes and have been following them ever since, so when I was introduced to their VITL Greens*, although I was a bit restrained at first, after reading about their “Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free” ethics, I thought I’d give them a go. Each sachet contains 19 all-natural superfoods that are extremely good for nail and hair health, but also energies and immune health. I’m going to talk about them more in details soon, but I’ve been having one sachet per day since a week and I’m already obsessed with them!

Lastly this month, I’ve been quite enjoying this yoga routine from Madeleine Shaw on Youtube: I love myself a quick yoga practice a few times per week, something that leave my muscles feeling like they’ve worked nicely, and leaves me feeling energized and ready to move on with the rest of the day, and this sequence is what I’m finding myself to go back to quite often lately!


And that’s it! In a nutshell, my July favourites!
Would love to know what you’ve been loving lately, I’m especially after some books recommendations! x


Wishlisting :: Summer Pastels { With Stylewe }

July 27th  •  Posted in Style

Wishlisting :: Summer Pastels

I don’t know what it is, maybe because flowy summer dresses look so appealing to me, but every Summer I seem to rediscover my passion for fashion and for buying unique style pieces. This Summer in particular, I’m finding myself itching to give something new a try – and I swear I never thought I’d have ever bought a midi skirt or maxi dress in my whole life, but apparently they compliment my body figure way better than I thought!

I was recently introduced to and have kept an eye on their website ever since… their selection of clothes and dresses in particular is a Summer dream! So many pretty summer pastels and flowy dresses, with beautiful cuts and fabrics. At Stylewe, they strive to be a platform for small individual fashion designer to get their lines out there, they have a great selection of different and well made designer pieces that look very unique and interesting, and, between the biggest amount of beautiful elegant prom dresses and evening picks, there are some everyday gems too I’d like to be restrained not to be wanting to buy right now!

I’m totally into soft and flowy pink maxi or midi dresses at the moment, you?! x

01. Multiflora Purple Half Sleeve Floral Mini Dress ;
02. Tetelee Pink A-line Chiffon Maxi Dress ;
03. Tootang Blue Plain Elegant Maxi Dress ;
04. Oushiying Short Sleeve Shirt Dress ;
05. Umi Eason Pink Cotton-blend 3/4 Sleeve Midi Dress ;
06. Sfeishow White Plain Simple Blouse ;

{ This post is in collaboration with Stylewe but all opinions and love for summer pastels and dresses are my own, as always }


3 Ways With Printed Photos

July 24th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Oh photography! We all love it, one way or another, we all take pictures daily nowadays and have our phones and computers storage full of memories. It’s so absurd to think just a few decades ago people would still rely on films and that a few decades earlier people wasn’t even able to take its own photos as well! This is why I’ll never complain about this digital age (although, I’ll admit, vintage cameras still have their own charm!) but, if I really have to complain about something at all, it would be about the endless list of times a memory card or USB pen broke and the million photos I thought I was safely storing in them went lost forever. Or the huge amount of times phones ended up getting irreparably damaged in the sink, a pool or even a random deep puddle and all my hardly collected memories have perished with them.

I have grown a love for photography in the years, and since the very first time I decided I wanted to see my hard work into physical form, I’ve been obsessed with printing my own photos every now and then. Having your memories stored into something you can hold between your fingertips is something technology can’t really replace. Putting your favourite photos in a photo frame and looking at it everyday, absently or on purpose, can’t really be compared with pinching your way through all the pictures in your iPhone really!

And it doesn’t really matter if they’re Instagram-worthy or what, even the very first pictures I took with my old iPhone 4 crappy camera and printed in polaroid form, they’re still some of my favourites to browse through!

So hopefully, if you haven’t started printing your own pictures just yet, you’ll feel a little bit more motivated to, as today I wanted to share three of my favourite ways to make use of printed photos..!

Why You Should Print Your Photos
Why You Should Print Your Photos

I purchased this Paperchase Kraft Scrapbook a couple of years ago, bought a black label for the front and hand-written ‘Vol. I’ on it. We bought transparent photo corners and started selecting the pictures that were worth going into the album between the huge amount I had got printed – and let me tell you this, it was (and still is as we still do it every now and then whenever we print new photos) such a fun and sweet couple activity!

We didn’t wanted a proper photo album to start from, but something that gave us freedom to add doodles or notes if we wanted to, or decide on the layout we wanted to go for for each of the pages, and that’s why we went for a scrapbook instead, which I’d highly suggested if you want some more creative freedom!

Keeping a photo album allows us to have our pictures stored in chronological order (and we’re getting around also making labels to organize them by date or periods!) and to be able to browse through them every now and then and smile at them so easily or reminisc of the times that have been so effortlessly captured and printed…

Why You Should Print Your Photos
Why You Should Print Your Photos
Why You Should Print Your Photos

Check out Why You Should Print Your Photos and What to Do With Them

by Giada Correale at Mode

One other thing I love (and should also do more often) is framing pictures. I have this picture of us in the snow from last year on my dressing table in a simple IKEA Photo Frame and it’s seriously the thing I love the most about my room. Just looking at how happy we were in that photos put a huge smile on my face each time!

I also like to pin photos to my mood board or hang them around the room with the help of a clip or two – these, I just switch them around based on the period of the year or on what keeps me motivated during that particular time, but it’s nice to always be able to look at your own personal memories together with your work notes or inspirational cards or illustrations!

And yes, these are my favourite ways to store and use my printed photos at the very moment! I’ve also shared a few more DIY ideas over on Mode this week if you fancy having a peek!


Would love to know what’s your favourite way to store or make use of your printed photos! x