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Daily Dose Of Greens

August 12th  •  Posted in Health

Daily Dose Of Greens

I’ve never been one who have found some sort of interest into supplements by any means, so I was a little reluctant when I was firstly introduced to the new VITL Greens. But I knew the brand since a while and have had the pleasure of working with them at a couple of recipes in the past, and after having a quick look at the ingredients, I was sold even before coming to the “all-natural, vegan, gluten free” point!

VITL Greens are in fact all-natural supplements to help you implement extremely good for you superfoods into your diet. Each sachet contains up to 19 superfoods, extremely healthy and good for both immune health, energy levels but also skin, nails and hair health, including between the others maca, tumeric, goji berries, seagreens, spirulina, green tea, kale leaf and much more!

Daily Dose Of Greens
Daily Dose Of Greens
Daily Dose Of Greens

The one thing I was quite concerned about at first was the extra dark and deep green colour of the powder and ‘what will it taste like?’. I’ll be honest when saying I wasn’t the biggest fan of the taste at first, but I was surprised that it didn’t taste bitter in the slightest! But with some testing and trials, I’ve actually come to enjoy the taste quite a bit! Especially into very cold water, maybe with the addition of a couple of ice cubes – just perfect for this Summer heat!

I’ve been having one dose of Greens every single day since a I got them 3-4 weeks ago, and I’m extremely happy about them. I’ve been experimenting with recipes (especially smoothies) to have them with, and what I love the most is that they’re giving my body a chance to digest some of the foods I wouldn’t otherwise ever eat, like kale or broccoli, that are surely not my favourites, but also seaweeds and beetroot, that I don’t think body have ever known before!

Daily Dose Of Greens
Daily Dose Of Greens
Daily Dose Of Greens

My number one favourite way of implementing VITL Greens in my diet though, is by popping them in my smoothies. I rarely enjoy green smoothies, so anything that could make them taste a little bit better is totally up my street and the fact that VITL Greens are vanilla flavoured gives them a whole bunch of brownie points! I’d blend them with some banana, dates and some other fruits and I’d be good to go.

Recently though, after some more testing, I’ve come up with the most delicious vegan chocolate smoothie recipe of them all, and I couldn’t refrain me from sharing it in this post today! This recipe makes for the best indulging and intense chocolate smoothie, only featuring all-natural ingredients, good for your body and health! Thick, chocolate-y, dark but sweet! The dates naturally sweeten the mixture, but if you like things on the sweet side I’d suggest to add a splash of agave syrup.

This recipes is for one serving.

Chocolate Vegan Greens Smoothie

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Serving Size: 1

Chocolate Vegan Greens Smoothie


  • 1 ripe banana (from the fridge)
  • 3 dates
  • 3 teaspoons raw cocoa powder
  • 6-7 almonds
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • 1 sachet of VITL Greens
  • 100ml soy or almond milk (from the fridge)
  • (Optional) A splash of agave syrup


01 :: Slice your banana into big chunks and pop it into your smoothie blender, add in the stoned dates, the cocoa powder, the almonds, coconut oil, VITL Greens and your non-dairy milk of choice.

02 :: Blend on high speed for a few seconds until smooth. Taste and add a splash of agave syrup if you fancy some extra sweetness!

03 :: Serve into a tall glass with a straw and enjoy fresh!


What is your thought on food supplements?
If you are curious to give VITL Greens a go yourself, they’re kindly offering all Miel Café’s UK-based readers a free pack of 6 sachet: you’ll just pay for shipping and they’ll be on your way! (Only via *THIS* link) x

Some of the products mentioned have been kindly sent to me as a gift, but I wasn’t paid to write this article and
all the opinions and love of healthy foods are my own as always.

  • It’s so green that I thought it was chlorophyll water! which I only recently heard of from another blog I read. Anywho, it’s appealing how the VITL Greens are vanilla flavoured 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s