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Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide: The Sporty

November 20th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

First episode of 2016 Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide, with five thoughtful gift ideas for the sport lover in your life.

Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide
Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for the sport lover

Ah, christmas gift guides! In the past I’ve tried a whole lot of different formats, but this year I wanted to create something a bit more ‘me’ and personal, sharing a selection of unconventional gift ideas, that will include, between the rest, lots of handmade items from small independent businesses I am lucky to partner with (because we gotta support freelancers this time of the year especially!). But between those, there’ll also be ideas for different but thoughtful gifts, and each guide will feature options for any budget!

Instead of focusing only on the gender or the relationship one might have with the recipient of the gift, I thought it might be handier to subdivide my guides into categories this time… because yes, chances are the people in your life will somehow fit into at least one of the categories I’m going to share gift ideas for! This year my gift guide will actually be an entire blog series walking us towards Advent, because it’ll be December 1st when these posts will be over – perfect time to start shopping! Make sure you come back every other day for a different guide each time and you stay tuned until the end for a little surprise!


So for day 1, let’s start with the sporty! This is a little selection of gifts any sport lover, or anyone who is getting started with a new fitness routine, would be pretty excited to get…

01. Nike Juvenate Sneakers
… or any pair of sneakers really! A runner especially, doesn’t ever have enough sneakers in her life: did you know you’re supposed to throw your shoes in the bin after 0.9-1k kilometres? That seems a lot but it really isn’t if you think about it, so a pair of extra sneaker can be handy even if you know for sure your sporty has a little collection already. You know I love my Nike Juvenate Sneakers, I talk about them all the time – but this sneakers are not only the softest and comfiest to walk in, but are also aestethically pretty making them the perfect everyday option too!

02. H&M Soft Bra (Similar)
Whatever the sport in question is, a nice sport bra will always end up being well-loved, you can be 100% sure about that! There are options for any budget out there really, but this can also be quite an inexpensive but much-appreciated gift idea, for that sporty friend or collegue, if you have a limited budget. H&M has some pretty lovely options, totally worth checking them out!

03. Jawbone Up Move Fitness Tracker
I have talked about this little gadget in details recently already, but I love it that much that I couldn’t help but add it to the list! This fitness tracker helps you keep track of the steps you do in your days, as well as the hours of sleep and the quantity of calories you’re eating, and you can bet any fitness lover (or even anyone new to fitness but wanting to get started) will be enthusiastic about it!

04. Teatox Set ℅ Teagime
If you’re looking for something a bit more personal and totally unique for your health lover, you definitely want to introduce her to Teagime: they create customized teatox programmes and sets based on some information about the recipient (so you should know your friend quite nicely for this one!), providing three different tea blends, morning, afternoon and night, to target specific health goals with 100% natural and gentle ingredients. You can read more about my experience over here if you’re curious!

05. Adidas Performer ClimaLite Leggings
Lastly but not at least, of course any sport lover will adore to get some new nice-quality fitness gear! I can’t suggest the Adidas ClimaLite Leggings enough really – especially great for walking, running and yoga in my opinion. They’re the most comfortable I’ve ever tried and I love the ClimaLite technology so much!


Remember to come back for a new Christmas gift guide every other day!
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