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The New Lush Duomo

November 5th  •  Posted in Beauty

Showing you around the new Lush Duomo boutique, opening today, Novemeber 5th 2016!

You know if there’s one big brand I love, that is Lush! I’ve been a lover of their natural beauty range for years now, my very first choice when it comes to all things skincare, haircare and bath *art*, of course; I’m also a true believer Lush should open more shops here in Italy, so, all that considered, you can imagine my excitement when it was first announced to me that they were opening a new shop in Milan… but not only that: it was going to be the biggest shop in Milan too!

I actually heard them saying, almost whispering, it’s technically the biggest Lush boutique in Europe, even bigger than Oxford Street! And it really is huge. The furniture and decor is actually inspired to Lush Oxford Street and is beautifully photogenic, if you ask me!

Said Lush Duomo shop is opening today, but I was lucky enough to see a preview of it a couple of days ago, so let me show you a bit around…

Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Festive products in the Lush Duomo new shop
Natural haircare from the new Lush Duomo boutique
The New Lush Duomo

I’ll admit, there’s hardly any detail I could say was my least favourite, because I loved every inch of it! But if I have to mention one thing I loved more than everything, that was surely the use and amount of greenery involved: they have pretty vases of roses, rosemary, aloe vera, lavender (and more) dotted around the shop with the cutest labels explaining how they implement those ingredients in their products.

They have the biggest skincare area I’ve ever seen in a Lush boutique, and I’m talking really huge! I spent a good half and hour talking with the kindest girl about some of the most exciting products they stock, and we barely covered a quarter of the skincare area, so you can imagine!

The most photogenic installment of the new Lush Duomo boutique in Milan, Italy
Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Prettiest installment for Lush's fresh masks in their new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Rose-scented haircare in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Teeth products and exclusives for the new Lush Duomo shop
Bodycare area in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Cutest labels to explain how Lush uses natural ingredients in their products (Lush Duomo in Milan)

They are also currently stocking some of the Oxford Street limited exclusive products, which is pretty awesome! Between these, only this weekend, they’re selling their exclusive Mouthwash Tabs, that I have had a chance to try already and that are amazing! And of course, they currently have the biggest amount of festive Christmas products, that always makes me very happy indeed!

And they are also having such a fun opening day with live music, workshops and events (read more here). Lush Duomo is opening today, November 5th, at 4pm! But if you can’t make it, I highly suggest giving it a visit whenever you’re in Milan – find it right behind the Duomo. 😉


Any other Lush lovers? x