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The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year

December 27th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year

Oh hey! Hope y’all have had the loveliest Christmas and Boxing Day! I spent both in bed with a terrible flu, but was spoilt to the very best presents and some heartwarming love, so I won’t complain!

A couple of days before Christmas we took some time to test our Holiday’s table setting with the help of the lovely people at Talking Tables. I couldn’t help but want to share what we come up with as inspiration for your own table settings for  what rests of the Holidays!

The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year
The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year
The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year
The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year
The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year
The Most Wonderful Table Setting Of The Year

All party & table props ℅ Talking Tables

The white and gold modern theme worked out so well that we’re basically all set for New Year’s Eve now! I’m a huge fan of the metallic balloons as well as anything you can hang to the ceiling like those glittery gold star ornaments. But the best part is that, although all the tableware looks incredibly beautiful and realistic, it’s all made of paper or plastic, so you don’t even have to worry about washing it all afterwards! We decided to only go for real glasses though, because toasting is mandatory on New Year’s Eve!

Hopefully, if you were a little stuck for New Year’s Eve table setting and you’re hosting a little something, this was a tiny bit inspiring!


This post is the last one for 2016, talk you next year! In the meanwhile I’m sending all my best wishes to you and your families for a happy New Year and what rests of the Holidays! x


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

December 25th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Merry Christmas 2016

I really don’t know where the time is going this year, but by the time you’ll read this little note it will be Christmas already! If only Christmas could last longer…

I don’t know about you but there’s something so heartwarming to me in seeing all the people, no exceptions, all devoted to the same purpose, all with the same spirit. There’s something that fills my heart with joy when strangers smile at me and say “Merry Christmas”!

I guess it’s just a matter of enjoying it at the fullest until it’s over and we’ll all go back to our lifes, so busy to be kind to each others each day! But the purpose of this post was instead to simply wish you all and your families a merry Christmas, filled with the heartwarming joy of food and a family reunited.

Have the loveliest of days! x


The Timeless Last Minute Gift

December 19th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Chatting about last minute Christmas shopping and Joosr, the perfect anti-waste last minute gift idea

Can you all really believe Christmas is THIS week?! Or is it just me?

I really don’t know where December is going, it still feels like it has just started. This is my very favourite period of the year and I always want enjoy it all at its fullest as much as I can: I always have so many things I want to do, so many ideas popping up along the way, and this year it kind of feels a little overwhelming… like I haven’t got time for anything!

Moreover I’m so extremely behind with gifts like I’ve never been in years! I’m usually the one having everyone’s Christmas list sorted at the end of November, yet this time I still have to tick most of the boxes in my lists! I believe this is basically the very first time in my life I’ve been experiencing last minute Christmas shopping… and it’s madness!

Plus, as you might were able to tell from my latest posts, I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of gifts and ‘giving’ this time. I want every present to be something useful and that won’t finish forgotten in a drawer somewhere. And let’s face it, lots of unwanted gifts end up that way each year. I don’t want to give something ‘just because’ anymore – I want it to be thoughtful and different and something that will be loved too.

Joosr is the perfect last minute gift idea to avoid waste and unwanted gifts
Joosr is the perfect last minute gift idea: a library with 20-minutes summaries of the best non-fiction books around!

I was recently introduced to Joosr and I immediately felt intrigued and fascinated. They not only aim to stop the unwanted gifts and paper waist during the festive period, but they also came up with such an interesting concept, to create a library of 20-minutes summaries of the best, most brilliant non-fiction books around.

Joosr is basically the place where to discover new interesting and thought-provoking reads, giving you the chance of reading five summaries per week: everything from health and fitness, family life, work and also freelancing, business, career. I have been given the chance to test it out these last couple of weeks, and I have to admit I now feel very inspired to start reading more books that will enrich my knowledge of what I’m truly passionate in life.

To me that’s surely freelancing and business and dreaming big, but there’s something for everybody really. So if you’re on the same boat as me with Christmas shopping this year, but you also have a particular care for the meaning of ‘giving’ and the waste, I couldn’t recommend Joosr as last minute gift idea enough!

Using my link, you can give Joosr as gift with a one-year subscription at £9.95 instead of the usual £40, plus they’re giving you an extra free subscription so that YOU can enjoy Joosr yourself next year! Find more info here.

Please note: I’ve been gifted a free subscription in exchange for this review, but this post isn’t sponsored nor I get any money if you purchase through my link. The opinions and love for the concept are all mine as per usual.