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Learning To Knit

December 7th  •  Posted in Craft

Learning To Knit

Everytime I start something new, I can immediately tell if it’s something I’m going to be obsessed with. And this is exactly how it went when I started this “learning to knit” thing of mine!

I’m such a granny, I know, I know! But everything that calls for an endless number of cups of tea, layers of chunky blankets, cosying up and staying warm especially in this cold season, simply has my name written all over it.

You might have seen me featuring this chunky pink yarn in one of my Christmas Gift Guides; well, that was just an excuse to *finally* getting started somewhere, after the longest period spent stalking down all the knitting-themed Instagram profiles.

Learning To Knit
Learning To Knit
Learning To Knit
Learning To Knit
Learning To Knit

I actually remember being a fan of knitting and crochet since I was little, and admiring the women in my family for all the lovely works they made back then. When I shot these pictures I was still working on my very first hat, which has now been worn a couple of times already and that I love more than anything! I guess it’s the effect of holding your own finished product in your hands!

And I have now started a new hat already, which I’m even more excited about! But what I love the most, let’s face it, is curling up in the evening in front of a TV series, popping my PJs and chunky socks on and enjoying such a cosy hobby!

I’m not a pro or anything, as you can imagine, but it’s just the relaxing calming environment that makes it all so enjoyable to me. I’m loving Wool And The Gang a lot, for their video tutorials as well as their kits and patterns, but I’ve also just discovered Red Heart and I’m obsessed, so many amazing free patterns for all the skills and all the projects!

You can be sure I’ll soon have a new cosy blanket and, quite certainly, a couple of new mittens too!


Any other fans of knitting? x

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  • I remember learning how to knit in middle school, but mine always came out so lumpy, and I could never remember how to start a new project! But I would love to learn how to knit again and get more practice to even out my lumps! I’d love to knit while watching TV shows 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Such a gorgeous post (and blog!). I’m slowly getting there with my first knitting project, I’m making a scarf. I bought some discount wool and my Mum gifted me a knitting for beginners book so I’m all set really. It’s nice to see your enthusiasm for this hobby, it’s given me some inspiration, I love your gorgeous blush pink wool and the sound of cosying up in front of the TV. It seems like a really therapeutic hobby, I’m still learning the basics but I can see myself getting into like you! Happy knitting! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog