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In November I’ve Loved…

December 4th  •  Posted in Favourites

A few of my November favourites including life, natural beauty, food and calligraphy bits and bobs.

I’m a bit late with this November favourites post this time, but I hope you enjoyed the early Christmassy posts from the last couple of weeks! I thought I’d still share some of the things I loved last month, because I have some new discoveries I totally want to talk about, even if a little bit later than usual!

So here’s what I’ve loved in November…

Between my November favourites: cosy and soft pink PJs from Chelsea Peers
Between my November favourites: Lush Sleepy nighttime body lotion
Between my November favourites: soft PJs from Chelsea Peers
Between my November favourites: this dreamy body lotion by Lush

Soft Peachy PJs Set – Chelsea Peers ; Sleepy Body Lotion ℅ Lush


The more we get close to proper Winter, the more I feel the need of wrapping myself in a cosy blanket, drink hot tea and spend time inside. Of course to do so one needs a big amount of PJs, so yes, I stocked up this past month (thank you Black Friday for tempting me a bit too much!).

I have bought this Chelsea Peers number at the beginning of November actually, when I had a major wardrobe tidying session and decided my PJs either looked a bit too childish or they were just too old and ruined to keep offering their services. I’m completely in love with the super soft fabric and the peachy pink colour. If you’re after a bit of a sober, comfortable and soft PJs option, you totally need to check this one out (but make sure you keep an eye on this blog because I’m planning a post all about loungewear and the best PJs!).

Last month Lush introduced me to their Sleepy Body Lotion during the launch of their new shop in Milan (but you know what, I actually bought a pot just like this for a birthday gift only 30 minutes before that happened and I was pondering to buy one for myself too!). You know I love myself some lavender (and how obsessed I am)! This is basically all I want in a body lotion: I am very lazy with moisturizing my body especially, so anything that can make body hydration a bit more exciting is always welcome.

This lotion is perfect before nighttime and works wonders to calm and relax you with its amazing lavender and tonka scent. It’s super hydrating as well. And I love Lush because all their scents always stay on the skin for so long! Now let’s just hope this is not a Christmas exclusive, because I’m addicted!

Between my November favourites: just-discovered coconut butter (makes the best brownies!)
Between my November favourite: a new discovery, Biscuiteers and their Christmas biscuits

Coconut Butter – Coconut Merchant ; Nutcracker Biscuit Card – Biscuiteers


This past month I’ve been obsessed with my most recent healthy food discovery: coconut butter! If you’ve seen my latest brownies recipe, you’ll already know all about it, but it’s essentially the best way to replace dairy butter in your diet, wherever you’re using it, especially in baking. And it tastes even better!

And talking about food, this month, thanks for my gift guides, I have finally caved and purchased something from Biscuiteers. I was sure I was going to love one of their biscuit sets, and their Christmas nutcraker designs are just the cuter. Now I have to take courage and bite into them… at some point, instead of only keep staring at how cute they are!

Between my November favourites: watercolour brush pens!

Aquash Water Brushes – Pentel


I am a huge fan of calligraphy and brush lettering especially, as you might know, which I both use in my design business but also enjoy for personal pleasure every now and then (so relaxing!). So this month I decided to finally treat myself to some watercolour brush pens – because you might not know it, but I’m such a huge fan of watercolours too! I love the finish so much – definitely a cute way to experiment with different lettering techniques and make writing with watercolours way easier!


That’s it for my November favourites!
Let me know what you’ve loved last month! x

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In November I've Loved