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The art of non-dreaded decluttering

January 25th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Decluttering with Marie Kondo's 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' book

You might remember me (or anyone really) raving about Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book around this time last year and swearing by the fact that it drastically changed my way of organizing, storing and, in particular, getting rid of things. Well, last year I had a major wardrobe decluttering session I was extremely proud of after reading the book, and felt extremely inspired to see how I’d get on with maintaining my wardrobe a tidy space (which has never really been in it’s entire existence, really).

As with every January, this time of the year I feel very excited about fresh new starts and feel the urge of renewing everything I can see and think of. I was curious to see the results of Marie Kondo’s technique after one entire year, and so started tidying my wardrobe from top to bottom, and… I can now say I have finally discovered the art of non-dreaded decluttering!

The Art of Non-Dreaded Decluttering
January decluttering and the best ever method to fold and store clothes
My beloved tea section after decluttering my bookcase
Decluttering every little corner of the room!

Although I’m not sure how healthy it can be to take everything in Marie Kondo’s book too literally, it’s such an interesting read I can’t help but want to suggest to anyone. I’m especially a big fan of her decluttering method, that helped me get rid of so many things I have accumulated over the years and have never been able to decide what to do with them.

Last year the pile of clothes I was finally getting rid of was 3x the pile of what was going back into my wardrobe. Not only it helped me a whole lot with storing things and finding what I was looking for, but I discovered my wardrobe contained things I didn’t even remember I have bought or I was never able to find before… and I used to tidy my closet twice a year, it’s not to say I’ve never tried!

Not only I didn’t need to tidy my closet in Summer last year, but what’s even better, I was amazed by how quick this year’s wardrobe decluttering and tidying ended up being! I went through all my pieces of clothing and discovered only a very very small pile haven’t been useful this past year, which basically means I have used 90% of my closet during the year and I still love and want to wear every single piece that’s in there!

The Art of Non-Dreaded Decluttering
How my vision of tidying and decluttering has changed drastically

This basically means this January my only tidying task was getting rid of what I have realized I’m not going to use anymore during the year. And then put everything back in there, in order of what I’ll wear and in which season. I also found very inspiring most of Marie Kondo’s techniques of folding and storing clothes, which I’m still sticking to this time!

Half-an-hour later I was already done with my wardrobe and felt so inspired that I decided it was about time to do some serious decluttering in the whole room. I finally have a nicely tidy bookcase, and you know when they say ‘tidy space, tidy mind‘? Well, I don’t know how I was working all these past months when all I could see was a big overcluttered mess right next to me! I was even able to build a little neat tea section (because that makes me happy!) where before there was only space for randomly piling things up between one shelf and another.

Just in case you are curious, I’ve popped a couple more clothes I can’t quite bear the thought of throwing away (because they’re pretty good in conditions) on my Depop page for only a few ££ (everything under £10), just because I believe they should have a second chance and find a new home!


How about you and your relationship with decluttering and tidying?

  • Decluttering can be so therapeutic and there is nothing like waking up or walking into a clean, ordered space. It just calms the mind, I need to read this book! Thanks for sharing!

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • I have always hated decluttering and tidying and used to spend so much time, hours or days, on it before! Now it’s just much easier and quicker and I can’t agree more, a neat tidy space is so good for the mind! x

  • I really need to get the book you mentioned, I’ve heard so much about it! I’m moving out of here in about two months, and really want to downsize and declutter! It’s so hard because I have a lot of things that are sentimental. You look like you have it so easy and I envy you! Your shelf looks awesome, and I love the tea section, and the little crate with the flowers.

    Stephii Mattea xx

    • I have always been exactly the same, I like collecting objects and always feel so sentimentally attached to them to get rid of them. But at the end of the day they’re just objects and what really matters is if they’re any longer useful to you! Totally read the book, it’s life-changing for real! x

      • True, you’re very, very right. I hoard a lot of stuff, especially craft supplies and I tried to clear some out them out, but I didn’t even succeed. I have a book a friend sent me from Ireland that I’ve never read, and probably never will, but I keep it because he passed away.

  • I’ve always found decluttering very therapeutic. I think overall I’m a pretty organised person, but my drawers can get pretty messy!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Interesting blog post topic (and gorgeous photography as always!). I’ve read this book too and agree with many of your thoughts. ‘Tidy space, tidy mind’ sums it up for me, even just tackling one aspect of a room makes me more clear headed. It’s also nice to be reminded of items, when going through them, particularly things like clothes. I found the book to be helpful when it came to overbuying, especially now I’m more aware of hoarding and re-buying things already in my wardrobe etc. Looks like you have taken something away from the book too, and I like your tea space, its lovely! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog