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A new adventure

March 17th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

A new adventure

Hello! You might have noticed I went a bit MIA in the last few weeks… well, there’s a valid reason why!

If you follow me on Instagram or via my newsletter, you might have heard the news already. But this month, one week ago to be exact, I finally launched my new business and website and I’m officially self-employed right now!

Most of you will know I’m running a brand and web design business ever since 2015 alongside this blog, but it’s only recently that I decided it was time for me to make Miel Café Design into my everyday job. It was a scary step, of course, but I couldn’t be more excited to be this brave and do what I love for a living!

For the occasion I took some time to rebrand my business and create a fresh new identity from scratch: this is why I was super busy these last months! I took the chance to rebuild my entire website and build new packages for my services too! I’m excited about the enthusiasm with which a lot of you, who I know through this blog, have jumped at the chance to start working at blog, logo, brand and web design with me already!

So, what’s going to happen now? Well, first of all I have plans to start blogging on Miel Café Design’s blog more often than I did, covering topics like freelancing, running a business, branding, growing a following, design and a lot more! If you run a blog yourself or are considering to start your own business (which I hope you do!!), I’d love if you joined me over there – I’m sure it can be a place where to share tips and knowledge from me to you and from you to me too!

As for this blog, nothing will really change! I will of course keep posting and get back into a more regular schedule from now on. I’ll try and have one post per week on both the blogs and I can’t wait to get back into sharing all the new products and recipes I’ve been loving recently on here! Stay tuned for those!

In the meanwhile, thanks a lot for your incredible support! x