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In February I’ve Loved…

March 1st  •  Posted in Favourites

A roundup of my February favourites including selfcare, books and magazines and coffee!

As much as February has been so stressful and busy to me (hence my tired face in this post), and I couldn’t wait for it to be over, I really wonder how is it that the time is going so fast this year! Nonetheless I have a couple of exciting February favourites to share with you today!

February favourites: Buddybox selfcare subscription box
February favourites: Oysho soft bra


With Valentine’s Day and January just gone by, February is usually the month when I think a bit more about self-love and care. I can hardly remember to treat myself to something nice these days, so discovering BuddyBox* this month was a breath of fresh air! I’ve never been one for subscription boxes, but I just couldn’t say no to a box full of encouragement and love. Plus, you know how I feel about cosiness, and this box contained everything one needs to swicth off and unwind, but also remember to take care of yourself. I’m talking a mixture of cosy reads, organic beauty, cute postcards and fun notepads!

Something I find I also love doing generally in February is updating my lingerie drawer, and if you know how I feel about lingerie you’ll understand the link with selfcare here! I’ve discovered Oysho‘s soft bras this month and I’m obsessed! But again, I love their whole range really!

February Favourites: The Simple Things magazine
February Favourites: Lost My Name Book


Although I’m not a mum just yet (nor anytime soon, promised), I’m sure some of you are or are going to be soon instead, and I just had to share this! I discovered the LostMy.Name* website and services months ago and immediately felt in love with the idea. I had a customized book when I was little and it was my very favourite thing, so I immediately loved the idea of a book based on your child’s first name. I might or might not have ordered a book with my future child’s name already (I’m crazy like that) and I’m obsessed with the beautiful illustrations and the extremely adorable story! I’m sure any child, boy or girl, would love this!

I’m also loving The Simple Things magazine these last couple of months: I’m usually a big fan of their Christmas issue and generally don’t buy a copy each month, but I loved everything about February’s issue and I’m that excited about Spring, that I couldn’t resist getting another one for March. And it’s extremely lovely, jam-packed with flowers and gardening tips!

February Favourites: Keepcup


Lastly this month I *finally!* got my hands on one beautiful Keepcup and I’ve got  so much use out of it already (this month was about having all the coffee all the time, maybe a bit too much too). I love the design and the environment-friendly ethic, it makes drinking coffee even more fun – don’t know if it’s a good thing but I do love this cup!


That’s about it for my February favourites!
I’d love to know what has been on your favourites list this month! x