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Top 10 Natural Beauty Products

February 23rd  •  Posted in Beauty

My Top 10 Natural Beauty Products

You’ll know by now how I switched to using mainly natural beauty products since a couple of years now. Whilst I found it difficult to discover some nice gems that were completely natural and organic in the beginning, with the years I’ve become enthusiast of seeking and testing new natural products and by now I’ve built a nice collection of favourites!

Today I’m sharing my top 10, hoping to inspire anyone who has just started using natural beauty products: including mainly skincare, but also some hair and candle gems thrown in for good measure…

Relaxing bedtime all natural beauty products

What I love the most about organic and natural beauty product are the earthy floral scents they’re usually available in. I’m so done with all the chemical scents I was so obsesses with years ago, and now always prefer anything that smells floral and 100% natural.

Lush deserves a whole category for itself actually, I’m in love with a huge variety of products from their range, and if you read this blog you know I always rave about their solid shampoos especially. One skincare product I’m obsessed with at the moment is their Sleepy body lotion (unfortunately a limited edition) with its calming and relaxing lavender scent. But definitely check out their entire range, because they have an option for anyone!

Another brand I’m loyal to from quite a while is surely L’Occitane, always the best for hand creams: their ingredient lists are always mainly organic and natural and their products have the best scents and formulas.

I have always struggled with finding a natural deodorant that actually worked, but not being able to use anything that’s not organic on my sensitive armpits, I’m always in the quest. Last Summer I discovered this Salt Of Heart natural deodorant and I haven’t felt the need to lookout for a different option ever since. I can’t suggest using Potassium Alum as deodorant strongly enough to anyone suffering with very sensitive skin, the best all-natural option out there!

My favourite skincare natural beauty products
A few of my favourite skincare natural beauty products: face cleansers and masks

My skincare regimen is as simple as it could be, really. The one main product I use religiously is face cleanser though, and I’m such a fan of the Lavera range and especially of their Basis Sensitive Cleansing Gel. Natural beauty products can be expensive but Lavera always have the best quality for decent prices!

A cleanser I’ve been in love with recently is the Neal’s Yard Rose Facial Wash, extremely gentle, perfect for all types of skins and smelling so nice and relaxing! But I’m also a huge fan of MOA‘s skincare range and their The Green Balm cleanser in particular: their product are 100% organic and totally worth investing in!

Another huge favourite is my beloved Antipodes Aura Face Mask, usually the only face mask I use or carry with me. This is such a great all-rounder for any type of skins, treating dehydration but also being anti-bacterical, great for refreshing dull skin and making it look glowy after a busy week.

Hair, lips and candle natural beauty products

As for lip balms I couldn’t go one single day without my Nuxe Reve De Miel and you’ll probably be tired of me singing the praises of this product, but it’s really the only lip balm I use and there’s nothing better especially in the Winter months.

Haircare is the first category of products I started going completely natural with, and I’ve been avoiding any products with parabens and silicons since 3 long years now. Finding the perfect shampoo for my hair wasn’t an easy task! I love Lush’s solid shampoos and I usually alternate them with a Garnier option from their Ultimate Blends range (which don’t contain any parabens and are usually almost completely natural).

Lastly, I thought I’d mention Bomb Cosmetics and their amazing candles: they also do bath products, fragrances and soaps and all their products are natural and handmade, but their candles are just the cutest and come in the best scents!


And that’s it, a quick roundup of 10 of my favourite natural beauty products!
Would love to hear about *your* favourites as well! x


Short Hair Routine

January 22nd  •  Posted in Beauty

Short Hair Routine

After nearly two years from the last time I went short with my hair, last November I decided I was tired (once again) of my long, shape-less locks and that it was time for me to finally go back to a shorter haircut. I was pondering the idea since the beginning of Summer, but really my hair grows so quickly that haircuts shouldn’t scare me anymore!

Short hair has always been my thing, and ever since taking the plunge I remembered why I love it so much: styling my hair is now the easiest of things and to me, all those telling me shorter hair is high-maintenance, don’t really know what they’re talking about! Anyone with straight, plain, flat hair will get what I mean…

How I style my short hair
My all time favourite shampoo for short hair
How to blow-dry short hair
How to style and blow-dry short hair

Yes I totally put a bit more effort into styling my hair when I wash it, but it’s not exactly a bad thing in my case: I was so bored with my long hair that I used to just leave it do its own thing (aka being a flat boring mess), while now I like to take time to style them in different ways, with it staying voluminous and light for days.

With my hair being oily and with a tendency of going flat, I still love my trusted Garnier Lavender Shampoo a lot, with no silicones and parabens and always leaving my hair oil-free but still hydrated and super soft (and smelling like a Provence lavender field, which is not bad at all). I really don’t use anything else on my hair at all, because I’m too afraid of products that can add extra-weight and make it look even more dull.

However, if you’re after some 100% natural haircare suggestions for oily hair, I have a whole post about it over here!

My favourite way to style short hair
Short Hair Routine

I was never able to “master” a blow-dry before, but ever since having my hair at a shorter length, I’m finding it all very easy, actually! And a straight blow-dry with the ends slightly curled inwards is surely my preferred choice when it comes to styling, just because it’s so easy, it looks put-together, but I only have to worry about it on the day I wash my hair and then it’ll keep looking nice until the next washing!

This way I also avoid big sources of heat on my hair, however if I’m feeling very lazy, I can still be partial to flat irons to straight my hair and curl the ends in, or to create a messy wavy look (especially on second-day hair).

Not a complicated hair routine, isn’t it? I can’t suggest going for short hair enough, if you’re pondering the idea!


Any suggestions on natural hair products I should try? x


The New Lush Duomo

November 5th  •  Posted in Beauty

Showing you around the new Lush Duomo boutique, opening today, Novemeber 5th 2016!

You know if there’s one big brand I love, that is Lush! I’ve been a lover of their natural beauty range for years now, my very first choice when it comes to all things skincare, haircare and bath *art*, of course; I’m also a true believer Lush should open more shops here in Italy, so, all that considered, you can imagine my excitement when it was first announced to me that they were opening a new shop in Milan… but not only that: it was going to be the biggest shop in Milan too!

I actually heard them saying, almost whispering, it’s technically the biggest Lush boutique in Europe, even bigger than Oxford Street! And it really is huge. The furniture and decor is actually inspired to Lush Oxford Street and is beautifully photogenic, if you ask me!

Said Lush Duomo shop is opening today, but I was lucky enough to see a preview of it a couple of days ago, so let me show you a bit around…

Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Festive products in the Lush Duomo new shop
Natural haircare from the new Lush Duomo boutique
The New Lush Duomo

I’ll admit, there’s hardly any detail I could say was my least favourite, because I loved every inch of it! But if I have to mention one thing I loved more than everything, that was surely the use and amount of greenery involved: they have pretty vases of roses, rosemary, aloe vera, lavender (and more) dotted around the shop with the cutest labels explaining how they implement those ingredients in their products.

They have the biggest skincare area I’ve ever seen in a Lush boutique, and I’m talking really huge! I spent a good half and hour talking with the kindest girl about some of the most exciting products they stock, and we barely covered a quarter of the skincare area, so you can imagine!

The most photogenic installment of the new Lush Duomo boutique in Milan, Italy
Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Prettiest installment for Lush's fresh masks in their new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Rose-scented haircare in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Teeth products and exclusives for the new Lush Duomo shop
Bodycare area in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Cutest labels to explain how Lush uses natural ingredients in their products (Lush Duomo in Milan)

They are also currently stocking some of the Oxford Street limited exclusive products, which is pretty awesome! Between these, only this weekend, they’re selling their exclusive Mouthwash Tabs, that I have had a chance to try already and that are amazing! And of course, they currently have the biggest amount of festive Christmas products, that always makes me very happy indeed!

And they are also having such a fun opening day with live music, workshops and events (read more here). Lush Duomo is opening today, November 5th, at 4pm! But if you can’t make it, I highly suggest giving it a visit whenever you’re in Milan – find it right behind the Duomo. 😉


Any other Lush lovers? x